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Numerology/Astrology for 6/1/19

6/1/19 is the number 10. The world seems to be in a struggle with the number 10. It is the number of power and it seems like there are power struggles happening everywhere. The way through it to not feel powerless in this situation but to use this chaos to find your own personal power. From that place you are not a victim of external circumstances but an observer and a participant when you choose to be. There are many power games happening that are a waste of your precious time and energy. Some power plays are just that, a game made up by someone who needs to feel superior to others. They need to feel as if they have control over others and they will often use confusion and chaos to insight upset because triggered people are much more manipulatable. Power comes from clarity and being clear internally as to who you are, your personal morals and values, and the direction you intend to move your life towards. Intention is everything when it comes to power. That is because there are usually more people who want to have power “over” others rather than use their own power to “inspire” others to find their own greatness.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Saturday is a relatively quiet day with great lunar relationships all day. With the Moon in Taurus you may like to accomplish something tangible and potentially get a reward for the effort. The Moon goes quiet around 4 pm, so it is best to be finished with outer world activities or important actions or purchases before that moment. Let the softer Moon in Taurus move you away from the edges and into a more harmonious position.

The quincunx between Venus and Jupiter in the morning may leave you wanting for more and a bit itchy for change even while you may not be sure exactly what you want. You may swing back and forth between frustration and movement. Just try to roll with it.

There are new horizons to explore and while everyone wants comfort and stability, sometimes you have to stretch and risk to get where you need to get too.

Do your best to hold your own expectations in check. Situations can get out of control and overblown quickly.

~Suzanne Wagner~


“The possession of power over
others is inherently destructive both
to the possessor of the power and
to those over whom it is exercised.”

~George Davis Herron~







The Power to help. The Power to heal.
The Power to change. The Power to feel.
You have a choice in each moment in time.
You can use power to inspire the sublime.
Those that are weak, fear being seen
They have been collapsed and demeaned.
They often decide to put on a façade.
But that is when they become a fraud.
The greatest power is always within.
True power does not need to be the kingpin.
When you move your life from your core,
You have the power to notice and ignore.
Ignore the taunts, ignore the hate.
Especially when it comes to yell at your gate.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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