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Numerology/Astrology for 6/13/19

6/13/19 is the number 4. Nature knows how to be balanced but humanity has a knack for tearing down that which is a part of the natural order. That is why it is so essential that humanity finds its own place of neutrality and becomes a helpful part of this world rather than a destructive part. And I know it can be done. But to become one with the natural order you have to yield to what is. You have to learn the art of surrender and to become one with the flow that is always running organically through it all. Humanities arrogance believes that they are the supreme ruler of this world. But long after humans leave this planet this world will regenerate in a new form. There is great fear in humanity to admit how insignificant we are in the bigger picture. But we can be very significant if we choose to honor life and walk in peace with everything alive in this world. We could be the protectors of life. That could be a lasting legacy if we would step beyond the places of fear, separation, and conflict that haunt the minds and hearts of the walking wounded. Only the quest for inner peace will stop the insanity and destructive forces of greed that presently tear asunder all that is great, beautiful, and unique about this world. Work within your own heart, soul, family, and friends. Find that balance inward that you keep seeking outward. That is the beginning of a change that can save what is left in this natural world.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

You might want to slow down a bit today and tomorrow. Focus on what is your priority rather than the “to do” list of others that you feel obligated to address.

Early in the morning the Moon will move into Scorpio and will stay there for the next 2 and 1/2 days. Scorpio’s ruling planet is preparing for an earth shattering conjunction with Saturn in January of 2020, and so there is a rising of the intense energies, passions, sensuality, and impulsivity with the Moon moving into Scorpio. It begins to awaken and activate this coming conjunction. I like to think of these times as the preparatory sword play before a battle. You have to learn and practice skills that you are going to desperately need at a later date. In a world filled with strife and revenge, you have to be prepared to defend what you love and believe in.

This Moon in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus today and it will exaggerate eccentric behavior. That may manifest sexually or in uncomfortable and misguided ways. Moods are painfully changeable and the fluctuations bring problems. In love relationships, do your best to restrain the rampant sensuality or some dramatic and tragic things could develop.

With Mars in Cancer trining Neptune in Pisces in the afternoon, there is a very strong passion attempting to be controlled by reason. Open your mind to new levels of communication and act as those you love are a precious gift to you.

Venus sextile Chiron and this opens new ways to learn, heal, and transform. Remember, that words are more powerful than you think. Soften your approach and how you use those words to interact with others. If you do, something old might just heal. You might just see the beauty in another imperfections. It is time to build trust and repair problems that have lingered for too long.

Follow your gut more than your old rules and schedules. The mind does not know but the gut can feel the flow.

It is clear that you need to make an adjustment of some sort. Do it today. It will make the movement forward more organic. If a setback happens, don’t despair. There is a correction that is necessary to make and today it will be easier to do. While you may not know the exact way to go, that is good because it means that the old ways will no longer serve. You will have to think outside your old self and box to find the answer you seek.
~Suzanne Wagner~


“The mind does not know
but the gut can feel the flow.”

~Suzanne Wagner~






We are slowed down sound and light
waves, a walking bundle of frequencies
tuned into the cosmos. We are souls
dressed up in sacred biochemical
garments and our bodies are the
instruments through which our souls
play their music.
~Albert Einstein~


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