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Numerology/Astrology for 6/19/19

6/19/19 is the number 10. Everything has a beginning and everything has an end. That is the nature of life here on this planet. It is the cycle of life, if you did not know that you will have to let go, you will crave more and more. But because there is an end of things you will have to let go of all that you have acquired also in this life. You will have to surrender up this most precious life and allow your energy to move beyond this body and form and regenerate into spirit so it can coalesce into a new pattern and form at another time. That is why grasping is such a pointless endeavor. Hoarding even more ridiculous. You grasp when you do not completely understand that things will never define you. What defines you is your experiences. And when you are grasping and holding tight to people, power, beliefs, situations, bodies, you are not fully living because you are instead afraid of losing. You cannot be at one with the magical matrix of spontaneous life if you are holding onto things in your past. That past was there to challenge you and to help you shape what is important to you and what you believe in that moment. But was never intended to define you. Life calls out to you to stretch beyond your known into the beauty that is still unknown to you. Life wants to show you so much more of who you really are but it cannot do that if you allow your fear to make you live in a small box. Life does not limit you. Your mind limits you out of fear of loss and fear of being hurt. Power comes when you face any fear. Power comes when you do not take the defined limitation that someone else wishes to impose upon you. Power is your essence and birthright. How that power is expressed is your unique journey. Do you know the moments that have defined you right now? Reflect back in your life to those moments that you stood up for something or someone. The fear was still there but you moved past that fear and stood your ground. You hit an invisible line inside that knew that you had no choice but to open your mouth and say what was true for you in that moment. And regardless of outcome, that was true for you. That moment is your center. That moment is your core essence. And that moment is trying to expand today out into the world to say and do more. Will you let it out again? I certainly hope so.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Astrology Today

Today, you might want to keep a low profile. Don’t force things and avoid angry or impatient people. And there might be a lot of them. With critical constellations, this day if full of tension. Know that mood swings are likely. Little things will get to you. Your actions will either enhance your power or tear down the illusions that you have so carefully cultivated. Be careful about making major choices and decisions. In such a reactive time, you are not really clear.
There is a tendency to fall into overestimating your capabilities. There is no clear starting point so dealing with tasks is difficult. You might take criticism personally. Step back before you say something you will regret. In work situations difficulties will appear. You want to make compromises but no one is in the mood.
The Moon opposition to Mars causes irritation, quarrels, and over-reactiveness. Do not waste your time and energy on people and situations that have no intention of changing. Regardless of how passionate you feel; you will be wasting your time and energy if you persist in attempting to get someone to understand. Walk away, leave them hanging, say nothing, and let them feel the loss of your presence.
With the Moon Conjunct Pluto, know that those on the edge of depression might fall head first into the abyss of despair. Outbursts, temper-tantrums, and emotional acting out is going to be the response to conflicts that arise or any crisis.
The Moon opposing Mercury is asking you to make some serious decisions that need to be carefully considered. Your thoughts will change but do not speak from any place other than the truth. That will still cause conflict but you will at least be standing on solid ground.
This evening the Moon goes into Aquarius and some joy comes in through leisure activities. Have a social evening. Go to dinner with friends, have some fun, share your day, laugh, and find that common bond.
The bottom line is that you will have to continue to face ongoing obstacles and wrestle with your doubts and concerns. In certain moments you will want to talk with someone of like mind. In another you will want to listen and say nothing as you evaluate the level of insanity of another person. There are those of you that want to expose falsehoods. There is pressure to make a decision and yet you do not want to get embroiled in a power struggle. Do your best to not push and to also not resist. It may feel like everything is a personality contest. That is because the external world is undermining your own sense of personal power. You have to come to terms with the reality of each moment. Without that, you will continue to suffer and be pulled back and forth by the chaos that has the intention to tear down the very foundations upon which you have built your reality.
~Suzanne Wagner~


“Walking in Nature
Is a Dog’s Sudoku.”
~Suzanne Wagner~


When I die I want to lie on green grass,
And lay with a dog and cat beside me.
I would love for the sun to shine upon my skin,
And feel the warmth and love that this world offers.
For one last precious moment, I want to smell the flowers,
and reflect and remember those amazing moments
of connection and knowing that there is something
always present and watching in wonder at my journey.
I want to feel again, the love that was given in pure joy.
And know that my love lives on
in the faith and belief that I shared
and the kindness and compassion that was given.
Then I will know eternal life.
Because love never dies,
it just changes form.
It morphs into the next energetic evolution
that it is called to answer.
And the love that I gave out will light my way back home.
The love that was gratefully received
will be the anchor to find my way back
to those that I care for and can connect to.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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