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Numerology/Astrology for 6/20/19

6/20/19 is the number 11. This number reveals to us that globally we cannot keep doing what we have always done. Because it is obvious that it is no longer working. We have to try new things (the number 11). But that is where we have to step into the discomfort of stretching into those new things even if they do not completely work the first time. When you see suffering and great need and you do nothing you are complicit in that suffering. When you decide to be blind to truth that is right in front of you, you go against the very laws of nature that rule this world. Human laws are flaws by ego and agenda. Spiritual laws cannot teach conscience, though they try. Sacred laws are written in your soul, in your very DNA. To deny those most sacred of laws, you have to go against the very rules of existence that you agreed to, and that allowed you to come down to this world. When you break those laws you forfeit your opportunities for another human life. This world is a constant game of duality (the number 2). The game is to take that push/pull of the duality and step beyond that density and transcend the elements of mind and evolve them into the greater whole of unified consciousness. Today, is a doorway should you decide to take it and accept that challenge.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


With the Aquarius Moon, there is a slight shift into a more friendly atmosphere. But because Mars and Pluto will also crash, I am not sure that the Moon will be enough to handle this conflict and problematic clashes that are bound to show up for the next few days. I hope we are wise enough to avoid violence but the world is literally on fire and emotions are fired up with this energy. Let’s try to channel the unusual mindset of the Aquarius Moon and bring in new insights and ideas for the present problems and circumstances instead.

The Moon in Aquarius squares Aquarius’s ruling planet, Uranus in Taurus today. Bad tempers are going to be very obvious. Expect terse and testy replies to simple questions. The mood of a situation can change rapidly. There will be those that intend to be willful and believe that they deserve to express their individuality. While that is true and this is America, such people also reveal their weak mind and broken soul for the world to also see. Restraint requires maturity. Without the ability to express mental and emotional self-control this world will be in a lot more trouble than it already is. The Aquarius Moon is known for being rebellious but it is also very principled. Notice what your personal principles are that you guide your life by. Remember, that Aquarius Moons are there to reveal where laws are unjust and where human laws can never be stronger than real moral fortitude. Use your mind in clever ways and be focused and solving the problems that are right in front of you. That is all you can do. But if everyone just did that every day, the world would be a better place.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Hate happens when a soul has lost itself.
Compassion is then concept forgotten on the shelf.
Love forgives and is always there.
But not if you are unwilling to care.
~Suzanne Wagner~







All things here are a force divine.
All life is sacred even the sublime.

I live by laws that are older than time.
They know what hate is and that it is a crime.
When you hate, you break sacred laws.
When you demean those you determine are flawed.
You tear apart the grid that holds life
You harm those suffering and cause more strife.
I will not be quiet when such evil flows
Out of the mouths that only ignorance knows.
Such people cannot see past their own mind.
They exist in a darkness that they eternally climb.
But they go nowhere because that road goes only down.
Until they remember truth and turn around.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Those that hate, know it is wrong.
But their pain is so intense, it makes them strong.
They cannot escape the suffering within,
So instead they decide to make others like them.
They spread the hate with lies and plots
The world is out to get them, and they are afraid and lost.
You cannot save those that believe in blight.
You cannot help those whose souls are night.
When you have lost what matters most
You will destroy all things that love wants to host.
You cannot stand to see the love
That you are now void of.
You will lash out and attempt to enroll fear.
You will cause such suffering and so many tears.
But those are the fears that you have denied.
Those are the tears you were unwilling to cry.
There will be a point that your heart will finally break.
And what you thought you must totally hate.
You will come to see is who you are.
Only then will love come back from afar.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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