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Numerology/Astrology for 6/27/19

6/27/19 is the number 18 and if you add the 1 + 8 = 9.  This is that moment when change happens. When “enough is enough”, you will finally leap past complacency and do something that before you would have considered radical. And that is good. Everyone needs that line. A place where you will no longer tolerate certain behaviors and actions in yourself, in others, or in the world. This particular day (because of the astrology) has a ferocity to it. It is partially because of the protective feminine awakening to the horrific facts of children being abused. That is a line that no civilization should cross. The children are our legacy. Children are our future. And the number 9 is the ultimate feminine power number. Men should be warned, that challenging the perspective of the feminine right now would not be advised. When the goddess is on a roll, you just let her roll. She is wired to protect and defend the “small ones”. There can be no argument that will appease her except change in the direction that aligns with the values of honoring all life.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Do something out of the ordinary today with all this eclectic energy of Uranus happening. It aligns with the life-giving Sun and wants to do anything but humdrum activities. Be bold, be brave, let life be an adventure.

Mercury goes into Leo and stays there till the 19th of July. Your confidence increases and you will be willing to explain your viewpoint in clear and convincing ways. My suggestion is to listen to others and to not tell them what to do. You just might get a Lion roaring in your face. Use this energy to come together with family and friends for the summer festivities. This might be a good time to do a journal again. Sorting out all the complex emotions is going to be difficult as we come into the eclipse season. You can either have a therapist to talk to or write out your thoughts and feelings to make sense out of them on paper. Either way, you need to get them out of your body, so you can sort them to make sense out of them.

The Moon squares Mars. Know that you and others are going to be argumentative, triggered, and reactive. Know that most actions are going to be reactions to situations that you feel are unjust and unfair. Be passionate but also try to be delicate with the feelings of others.

The Moon will go into the homey and comfort sign of Taurus at breakfast time today. Know that security is important and feeling safe will be more essential than ever.

The Moon in Taurus will square Mercury in Leo. While you have spiritual gifts opening up. You do need to be careful and consider all options before you make a move. Know that highly reactive and changeable emotions are a sign that you are deviating from the truth.

The Sun sextile Uranus in Taurus. This sextile will give confidence and helps to preserve authenticity. You independent side wants to get some air and have a moment to aspire for excellence. Your spirit becomes more innovative and advances the things that are important to you.

The Moon Conjunction Uranus magnifies the imbalances in the world and in individuals. Your best side is not forward at this time.

The Sun sextile the Moon in Taurus. This aspect tries to pull sides together. Is your life supporting your ideas? If not, then you need to stand up.

~Suzanne Wagner~


“I am sick to death of this,
this brazenness,
this insult heaped upon injury.
This conflation of two things
that are not the same.
That the words he says to dismiss this
are “not my type” – as though a violation
would have been a compliment.
As though to be told the horrible things
a man would do in the name of attraction
is flattery, not threat.
There is a door in my head behind which
I am screaming all the time.
That this man is president,
that a man we think capable of this,
is president,
that this will dent nothing,
because this is what is expected.
That these are the words that issue
from him instead of a proper denial.
That he thinks to say
he would not rape a woman
is an insult.”
~Alexandra Petri~








I am sick and tired of hearing people take a situation that is horrific (such as the children suffering in the immigration situation) and attempt to turn it around by focusing on other things such as the sex trade, in an obvious manipulative attempt to pull the energy off one thing and deflect the energy onto another.

Let’s be clear.

Both are horrible.
Focusing on one (especially when children are at stake) is not a bad thing.
But ANYONE who attempts to take momentum off one situation intentionally to deflate the emotions rising for change, because of their own discomfort at looking at the truth of that thing is wrong.
And yes, there are horrible things happening all over the place.
And yes, you have to pick a position.
Go ahead.
Pick your personal preference.
But DO NOT attempt to strip energy and focus off of things that matter.
Let people be outraged at children suffering.
Let people be outraged at sex trafficking.
Pick your personal preference.
Just don’t attempt to steer outrage and break it down because of your discomfort and political slant.
It is such an obvious and immature manipulation and everyone sees it.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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