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Numerology/Astrology for 6/29/19

6/29/19 is the number 20 and if you add the 2 + 0 = 2. This is a day when the mind can run amuck. Do your best to maintain calmness and clarity regardless of what hits you. There is a tendency to take something too far. Be careful and cautious with words. Choose them wisely. People want to find fault today. Always practice kindness even when others want to blame you for what their karma hits them with. If you have attempted to maintain peace continue to try to do that. Remember, there are always situations and circumstances that others are not aware of. Nothing is ever what it seems. Stay objective, observant, conscious, and supportive of each person’s choices.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

It helps to have the Moon in Taurus positively influencing Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, and Mars. So in the areas of organization, perseverance, empathy, art, love and adventure you are filled with energy and courage. Take advantage of this situation while you have it. Be patient with others. Let your resolve and determination handle things at home and work.

The Moon sextile Mars in Cancer gives you that courage to open your mind and create clarity.

The Moon is going into Gemini by midafternoon. You are more curious and asking for deeper questions to be answered. You know what you experience and have impressions about various things. Communication is more sensitive and it is packed with learning. Listen to your intuition and let the mind make sense of it all and construct a plan.

The Moon sextile Mercury in Leo. You have sound judgment and are learning to deal with situations more rapidly. Be open-minded.

Mercury forms a sesquiquadrate with Jupiter and that gives the energy for exaggeration and misinformation. You may have a challenge concentrating. Take your time and go slow.

~Suzanne Wagner~



Never hold the intention of hate.
Regardless of what others spew
in your direction.
Others want to blame you
for their choices,
their karma, their struggles,
and their life patterns.
But those patterns were there
before you ever showed up.
Your karma was cast
from the moment
you were born into this life.
It is yours and yours alone.
When people walk away,
it is not about you.
It is about whether
your karma is theirs.
Most often it is not.
And each of us have
enough of our own to do
to take on the karma of another.
Never blame another
for walking away.
Often they saw that staying
would only create more.

~Suzanne Wagner~








The stories that people play out in their mind are rarely based in fact. They are based on reaction and a mind that seeks to understand. But that understanding is only available based on their own experience. Often they cannot see past their own suffering to notice how their energy, reactions, words, and projected wounding actually cause the outcomes that they are being challenged by. They do not see how their dysfunctional emotions have fired up others to do horrible things and threaten the person they are upset with in the name of protecting their friend.
It is always easier to blame others than to notice that certain situations keep happening.
When that is the case, you have to ask yourself the question, “Why?”.

It is a hard lesson to look at how some patterns keep happening to us. Especially when the single consistent component is us. No one wants to own how our neediness and projections push others away. Especially when those projections do not fit the person. We often want someone to be what they are not. That never feels good to the other person and so they will walk away. That is because the burden of the projection that a person is pushing on another can be so heavy and a coat that does not fit.
Some people want others to rescue us. But life is about learning that everything in our world is of our own creation. We create certain things to force us to learn. That does not mean they are fun. They are not. And you are at choice in each moment.
Most people keep recreating the suffering outside that they are working through inside. Others are then just projections of the characters within us that we are working through.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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