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Numerology/Astrology for 6/7/19

6/7/19 is the number 7. Things do not always go according to plan. Expect that today. Plans are great but flexibility is greater in this moment. When you can modify a plan quickly and without ego, that is a pattern that is impressive. In the formulation of a plan you often hook your ego into it also. So then the changing of the plan hits your ego and it becomes difficult to let go of the picture that you have put so much time and effort into so that you can modify and go in another direction. The ego wants what it wants and it wants it in the way that it wants it. As you can see in the external world, we are living in a time where egos want to prevail no matter what the cost is for others or all of life on this planet. That is a really big ego that believes that its vision has to be adhered to and is the only “right” way. We are in a time where the predictability of our old life and reality has shattered and we are beginning to pick up the pieces and try and figure out what you now do with all this garbage! Did you know that all cycles begin, run, and complete? If you have wisdom you can see that we are at the stage of a completion. But from there, “What is next?” That is the bigger question. And all of us have to answer that question over the next few years. I know there are some that have been doing what they can to pay more money for organic produce and attempt to limit waste for a long time. That is great and does make a difference. But more is going to be asked of everyone. And soon. So buckle up butter cups! Here we go into the new reality. Let go of your pictures and allow that co-creation to inspire innovation and powerful ways and means to support this new reality.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The rule of thumb for the next few weeks is to not try to force anything! The force that you put something out is for sure going to rebound right back to you with the same force. I personally want to be like an Aikido Master and simply step out of the way of the oncoming energies. It may feel a bit like dodge ball but it can be done if you remain calm and awake.

Expect to collide with resistances and know that the best way through is always about being authentic and true. Be as flexible as you can be and allow your authentic inner structure bend with the hits coming your way. The way you have perhaps predetermined is probably not going to work but allow yourself to discover new ways that get you to the same place.

There is a desire to find balance between the masculine and feminine. Use teamwork to support your ideas and projects.

Socially and materially you are making progress and this shows a positive attitude if you focus on what you have already realized. Let your artiste side show you the way through this moment with optimism.

It is good that your intuition is strong today and that you have great insights that move rapidly. That gives a slight advantage because your routine is going to be shifting around and variations can make the new seem exciting and potentially rewarding.

There is a square between Mercury and Chiron later in the day, so know that strained communications are going to happen. Know that others are very sensitive to criticism so always be kind and gentle in feedback.

The Moon is in Leo all day attempting to bring out your devotion to a project and a generosity to your connections with others. Cooperation is the key.
~Suzanne Wagner~


I think what I notice is effort.
Or the lack thereof.
There is the type of effort
that is internal.
But that often is just about
the conflicts that persist
between the mind and the heart.
It is a personal battle waged inside.
It is exhausting but can
waste time and energy.
External effort happens when
the mind is no longer
in conflict with the heart.
That does not mean conflicts
will not arise. But to take focused action
you must have a degree of
connection and agreement within.
Notice if you are fighting yourself.
Or if you are ready to fight
in the external world to make a difference.
~Suzanne Wagner~






As the astrology intensifies as we move towards the Mars opposition with Saturn and Pluto. It is sure the put your nerves on edge and inflame all personal situations. Just to be on the safe side, expect volatility and upset. Expect power plays and others wanting to push you around. Learning to navigate such big planets battling it out for dominance in your consciousness is an opportunity to step into your spiritual warrior self. If you are going to fight make sure your fight has meaning and value that will stand the test of time (Saturn). Injustice is going to be a theme and where you feel the most triggered is going to get your dander up. From Friday on, let’s just say it is going to be a bumpy ride for a while. You discover your strength when you have to take on obstacles. Just remember that your old way is obsolete and so you are not going to be able to continue the dysfunction without major consequences. Selfish actions are going to hit you later harder than you are about to hit something. So be very aware of what and who you are fighting. It is worthless to fight against truth, because truth always wins eventually. Don’t let fear and insecurity drive you forward. What is coming is going to require a huge Herculean effort from everyone to make this shift. Never turn to cruelty and greed as your answer and outcome. Because the punishment under this astrology will be severe.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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