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Numerology/Astrology for 7/16/19

7/16/19 is the number 8.  The astrology and the numerology align in a mess-monster of a day. You are going to be surprised, shocked, angered, and challenged. So what are you going to do about it? Collapse is an option (though not a good one). If you are tired of being a victim, this is the moment to stand up. If it is not for yourself, perhaps you have enough heart to do it for someone else. There is always a line in the sand. Everyone has one. Today, might make you confront that line. You might notice that you kept erasing it and moving it ahead of you. But now, you recognize that you are so far past your own line that there can be an emotional explosion. Something makes you very sad and upset. I hope that this moment, changes your reality in such a way that something good can come of it.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Batten down the hatches! Here we go! Emotions are heightened and drama is going to be in your face. Dramatic turns are going to happen. The world is going to flip in some way. Something is going to come to light and you have to get clear as to what is really important for you and your values. The question is, “What will it take to make you change?”

It is a day where you will feel highly charged. Staying objective might be impossible but I want you to try. Action is going to be asked of you. Reactions are going to cause an epiphany. This will propel the masses into motion. You are going to need to pace yourself. Much is going to be asked of you over the next year. This is one of the moments when the pace gets stepped up and you have to begin to handle things differently. Burdens and problems are looming larger than normal.

There is a Lunar Eclipse on July 16 in the afternoon along the Cancer-Capricorn tangent. This is the moment to tune in and listen to the subtle messages coming in from the cosmos to determine if you get any prophetic hints about what is coming in early 2020. This Full Moon is located in the same area of Capricorn as the rare and major triple alignment of planets will be in early 2020. So this is the first hit and a foreshadowing for things to come. From this point forward, it is going to be essential for you to balance your responsibilities and what you need to nurture sanity and calmness in your life. The God of the underworld, Pluto, plans to take you for a ride. You are going to have to go to the very depths of your being to help you release anything that gets between you and truth and your connection to the Divine.
Today, Michael (the archangel of truth and clarity) is using his sword to clear a path so that when you use your power, you are using it honorably and from a place of honesty. An abundance of planets in action signs is making things more difficult.  Use it to accomplish those things that you have been needing to do. The one weakness is, the air element, so consciously practice healthy communications and be open to new ideas.

There is a Moon conjunction with Saturn. Can you say the word, “Intense!” This conjunction is restrictive and wants to be reserved. But the state of minds is melancholic and unsatisfied with how things are going. There is an experience that people are being shallow and insincere to protect themselves from really taking a look at their own distortions. People will feel inhibited and hesitant. Many will feel abandoned. This is a time when breakups can happen.

The Moon sextile Neptune. You may feel that in order to face the challenges you will have to do work in the personal development area or in higher education. Your mind is aligned with intuitive knowing and an extraordinary determination.

The Moon conjuncts Pluto. This causes a range of potential issues from depression, to extreme sexual expression, and then to impatience. I expect this aspect (with the eclipse) to create an external problem that will lead to an explosion of emotional expression that will lead to conflicts and crisis.

With a Full Moon in Capricorn expect others to be short-tempered. Don’t “Poke the bear!” That bear has had enough and will take a bite out of you, just because.

Venus opposes Saturn bringing things to light there are going to be unpleasant, tragic, and dramatic. The feelings of disenchantment, confrontation, and aggressive expressions are going to be a big problem. Don’t freak out! Stay centered even if calm is not going to be possible.

~Suzanne Wagner~


When life hurts you,
it is time to observe
what is happening.
A calm mind
can find a doorway
in a world
that has lost
its mind.

~Suzanne Wagner~








I find that the tension building is quite spectacular. And it is not remotely over. Nor will it be over with this eclipse. We are bringing some big energies to a head. There are stories unfolding that are beyond description. I am interested in what this is going to look like. I expect to be surprised at what has been hidden becomes revealed. This is a time when secrets are no longer going to be secrets.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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