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Numerology/Astrology for 7/17/19

7/17/19 is the number 9.  For some people, completion is about rituals and tradition. They believe that things have to come full circle in order to manifest. Yet, tradition is a crutch when the mind is in decay and the heart is forgotten. For some that tradition gives them back something that they have lost…..Themself. Human nature has created some traditions that should be forgotten. It is all in how you use those rituals and traditions. If you use them for the good and to connect with others in a place of peace and love, then they are traditions worthy of your devotion. Some traditions complete the circles of love, trust, vitality, integrity, and truth. Those will enrich the present and remind you of what life is about. The completion is about love coming full circle. Let that potential catapult you into that circle and find that completion you are seeking.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


The Moon moves into friendly Aquarius on Wednesday, so today is a great time to get out and participate with groups, friends and organizations. Go for the unusual experiences that bring joy into your life.

The relationship planet Venus is making harmony with the deep and spiritual planet Neptune. This supports you into tapping into relationships based upon spiritual connection.

While Venus and Saturn are in an oppositional path, know that this can spell difficulties in relationships. When conflicts arise, do your best to take that as a sign to open in a new way and change things for the better. Situations and the overwhelming sense of responsibility can feel heavy and burdensome today.

You may need to disconnect from work and step back and into the support of family.

It is through others that we find the way to move closer to our objectives. To have goals realized you need to find emotional wholeness.

The Moon opposes Mercury in Leo. All decisions need to be carefully considered. Thoughts cannot be trusted as they are so changeable. Deviate from the truth and difficulties will arise.

The Moon squares Uranus. Know that testy reply and bad tempers may be the norm. Fluctuations in temper are noticed quickly. Restrain that emotion that threatens to overwhelm you. Remember to breathe and know that over-reaction can lead to tragic and dramatic things.
~Suzanne Wagner~


I am resolute in standing up for others.
I am determined to find the common ground.
I refuse to allow hatred to spread.
I am not alone.
I am committed and unwavering.
I cannot be silent in the face of such
dysfunction that harms humanity,
life on this planet, and those values
that I have lived and died for in
many lifetimes.
Maturity is the gift of recognition.
The realization of truth no matter
how prettily disguised.
The true elders see past the obvious
They feel into the hidden intent of hate
that the words attempt to conceal.
~Suzanne Wagner~








Disappointed seems to be the word at this moment. Disappointed in humanity and the crimes that they allow to continue to happen for centuries without lifting a finger. Disappointed in those in power who (out of fear of loss for themselves) completely neglect their duty to their constituents, their country, their planet, and life itself. I am disappointed in those who trade the welfare of others to save their own skin. As far as I am concerned, such people are not worthy of having positions of power. Disappointed in the lethargy that so many exhibit in their refusal to do anything at all to make those doing tremendous harm to pay the consequences of their actions. Disappointed in that children are being take from mothers and irreparably harmed in ways that change the course of their life and this world as we know it. Disappointed in a country that keeps creating a reputation that appears to the world as a bully and as a hateful country. Disappointed in the people of that country that (for whatever reason) will not scream loud enough so that a permanent change is manifested for this world.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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