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Numerology/Astrology for 7/29/19

7/29/19 is the number 3. With joy comes many gifts. We live in a world where so much negativity is happening that it seems almost inappropriate to be happy. Let me be clear. When real authentic joy happens….run with it. But don’t make it up when it is not happening because you look shallow, vacuous, and gapped out. But life always brings small joys each and every day. Take those and give them the air, energy, and attention they deserve. After all we are in the warm and joyous time of Leo. It is a time of abundance. It is summer. Go out into nature and discover those mysteries that abound during this time. Sit by a river or creek and feel the flow clearing out your energy. The earth is a cleansing and healing element. And perhaps along the way you can pick up some trash and help nature out also.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


The Moon is in changeable Gemini until this morning and then it moves into the homier sign of Cancer.

Freedom-loving Uranus wants to throw a revolution as it squares the Sun. So this is the moment to step out of your normal routine on Monday. It won’t be hard because changes are in the air and while that might be unsettling at first it is designed to open you mind to new possibilities and approaches. Your independence seems to take a priority but let’s not break the rules. That would be taking this energy too far.

You are willing to learn from your mistakes and a more careful approach is what is necessary at this time. The more disruptions you allow to happen the more you will dredge up frustrations from the past. Remember to be like a river. The past is the past and to go forward you have to be willing to let it go.

What are the things that you consider the most precious? Be caring and tender to those you love. This is an emotional time and there is a lot of sentiment below the surface. There is a longing for tranquility and the feelings of “home”. Let the calmness overtake you and reinforce your strength.

Expect others to be a bit eccentric in their behavior. Let it surprise you into wonder rather than irritate you to pieces. Without a calm mind you may do some things in a hasty way that end up being inadequate for the moment. Impulsivity in the face of emotional triggers can cause huge problems even danger. Be careful.

~Suzanne Wagner~


It takes a long time
to become young.

~Pablo Picasso~







I remember being one of those super serious, focused young women. Compared to others of my age group, I did not ever fall into that young, impetuous, frivolous, girl energy. I am sure it was because of my upbringing and the ballet focus that brought in so much intense discipline, structure, and responsibility.
Then being in New York when I was 15/16 added to the sense that I was on my own and if I screwed up these chances I had no one to blame but myself.
So I love this quote by Pablo Picasso because I feel that the older I have become the more joyful, light-hearted, playful, simple, and calm I have become.
It is a lovely counterpoint to the first part of my life.
So while the world externally is spinning out of control, my personal life is one of calmness and care. I am extremely happy and content for the first time in my life. I have never been happier.
I believe that gives me a type of objectivity that allows me to say what is obviously true and to recognize that the upsets and stresses that come out of others is only a reflection of where they are still growing.
I have learned how to not follow a “herd” mentality. In all honesty, I never followed the “herd” anyway. Being alone as a dancer in New York City at a young age makes you realize that you have to stand out and be who you are because no one is really going to help you with that. It has to come from within. When from a young age, it was your ass on the line, it was your reputation, it was your talent, it was your skill, it was your discipline, and once you were on stage, there is no one to blame but yourself.
From that place you learn a lot. Blaming others for your own choices was never something that I could do.
I recognize that so many have never learned that lesson.
I also recognize that many have never had their beliefs challenged the way I have.
I have been gratefully gifted with many that teachers made it a point to make sure that the Bu**Sh*t belief structures that I had in my head from by childhood and experiences were constantly challenged.
Those wonderful teachers punched holes in those beliefs until I realize that nothing about what you believe is really true.
Truth lies in a completely different zone than beliefs.
Truth will always remain true.
Beliefs change with your knowledge base and the projections of those that you admire. Often you want to emulate those in your life that you look up to. But is that really being authentically true?
You can never be another, no matter how much you aspire to be like them. You can only be you and that requires a personal exploration beyond what you want and beyond what you believe.
The world suffers because of dogma, beliefs, projections, and prejudices.
If you step out of all of those, you see everyone just as who they are, not how you need them to be so you can feel special or right.
I don’t care about being right.
I care about who someone is deep inside.
I don’t care about what they believe unless what they believe harms others.
All beliefs that have the intention to separate and cause harm and suffering are not okay. Because those beliefs are not aligned with the divine nor truth.
To me it is that simple.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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