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Numerology/Astrology for 7/30/19

7/30/19 is the number 4. Neutrality and balance are not about getting what you want or being right. It is about being in alignment with the natural order in this world. And that natural order has at times a brutality to it. Life feeds on life. Sometimes that is difficult for humanity to understand. But there are always going to be those that prey on others. It is up to you to find and integrate all the patterns of consciousness within you. You have to get to know the predator and the prey within you as archetypes. That is what the Power Animal tradition is about in the Native American Spirituality. To be a great shaman you have to have access to the energy and wisdom of all the animals. That is how you can become a shape shifter. A shaman that moves through time and space and blends into the environment in which he or she finds themselves. There are moments when it is wise to not appear as prey to someone who has integrated too well the predator archetypes. And without balance being only the predator makes you cruel. That is why we also need to cultivate the softer archetypes. But soft and gentle archetypes without a bit of the predator makes you a victim. In life, neutrality requires you to have to integrate both sides. And then to use them wisely and for the highest good of all life and consciousness.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

With the Moon in Cancer and Saturn in Capricorn in opposition, the feelings of inadequacy and dissatisfaction are high. Stay aware that the astrology is trying to bring up  those old conflicts to see if you have really healed them or not. You might find yourself being suspicious and wanting to pull back. Standing alone might feel much safer than having others around you. At least then you could have tranquility

As you go to bed, there is a great connection between the Moon and Neptune. So expect amazing dreams and images that should inspire your creative side. Your intuition is in alignment with your cognitive awareness. Neither is getting in the way of the other. Let that openness bring some things together in magical ways.

The Moon opposes Pluto in Capricorn. This can make you uncomfortable. You notice that others lack restraint and that makes situations complicated and at moments unbearable to witness or be in the middle of.

The Moon conjuncts Mercury in Cancer. It is time to build that solid foundation in your life. Whether it is career or personal, it is time to do the work necessary. Use your judgement wisely and always be fair. With that as your motto, you can have new projects, income, and clients.

There is a bit of that Venus and Mars conflict still happening. Both sides will have to make adjustments. In a world of duality we need both for balance. We need the love and we need the drive to get things done. Look at things realistically, flaws and all. The details continue to tell the story. Truth never glosses over things. It is raw and real. Painful to accept and demoralizing to the mind. But that is how you will find fulfillment. Not in the illusions but in the reality. Make no decisions right now, just keep letting the truth in. Just because something undercuts your confidence does not mean it is false. Plans that run counter to your values have to be held up to the light. Change is going to be necessary. When you allow truth to be illuminated, you move forward with your eyes wide open.

~Suzanne Wagner~


I have swum with sharks
and I learned all about
taking opportunity.
I have learned how to be
scary when necessary.
I have been the victim of attacks
with no reason or morality.
I have watched those that
conceal their endless hunger.
I know a shark when I see one.
I know it’s intent.
And I am not scared.

I have swum with dolphins
and I learned how to play and share.
I learned that breaking rules was fun
when you live in a world where rules
of the mind do not exist.
I learned how to have joy in all things.
I learned to be unafraid
and to work together.

I know a dolphin when I see one.
And I look forward to the
squeaks and bubbles of their world.

And remember the feeling of freedom.

I have swum with killer whales.
I learned confidence and calculation.
I learned the thrill of hunting.
I have been the hunted.
I learned to not be intimidated
of the predators in the world.
But for them to be afraid of me.

~Suzanne Wagner~







The criminals of the sea are the sharks.
They are opportunists and hunt
by hanging out in murky waters.
They survive by concealing their intent
and then attacking without remorse of morality.
They are those with small brains,
big egos, and endless hunger.
They like to be scary.
They like to intimidate.

The outlaws of the sea are the dolphins.
They are friendly but intelligent and
calculating in their choices and actions.
Their hunger is to play with food
and sharing is a natural process.
When you do not have a deep core emptiness
it is easy to move with less desperation.

The hunters of the sea are the killer whales.
They enjoy the thrill, the chase,
the intelligent calculation and pack hunting
techniques that put it to the top of the food chain.
They are the species that feeds
on the predators of the oceans.

Notice in your world what you are.
Who are the criminals of this world?
Who are the outlaws of this place?
Who are the hunters in this reality?
And who are you in this dance of life?.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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