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Numerology/Astrology for 7/31/19


7/31/19 is the number 5. Feel into the force that connects all life on this planet. Feel into the atmosphere that surrounds and embraces this planet. Know that without both of those life on this beautiful world is not possible. While we are unique in this universe, we are also not possibly alone in this vast expanse of space and time. If we cannot learn to love what we have right here and right now, if we cannot cherish life and each other, then this world is in trouble. Cherish, a word that means to protect and care for in a loving manner, to hold dear, and to keep hope alive. This world (the number 5) needs our devotion. It needs us to hold it in high esteem. We have the ability to keep things safe and to treasure them. If everyone just took one thing in this world to care about and cherish. Then we would have a world of beauty, love, and light. Look at someone or something that you love. Soften your eyes and really let your eyes express the care that you feel deep in your heart.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


On July 31, the Moon ends its transit of Cancer at by the time you get to work, it goes into Leo. This brings us to the second New Moon of the month, and it is adding to the fiery time of Leo. With the Moon in Leo, and the Sun in Leo this is a time of self-confidence and portraying dominance, drama, and noticing how you present yourself. You might feel flirty, fabulous, and fun. Your dramatic side is clearly out and in the limelight. You get to set the stage for the next two weeks leading up to the Full Moon. You are preparing changes to be made and you have the impetus to do just that.

The emotional Moon and loving Venus both seek harmony and peace. On one level, this New Moon asks you to open your heart, and find a compassionate way to say what needs to be said.

Expect the unexpected as Uranus throws a revolution party as it squares Leo as it is in the fixed and certain sign of Taurus. Know that there will be some that might reply in testy ways as this energy tends to turn tempers sour. An outlet, might be pure sensuality. In that way, you can move the energy in an unrestrained way. On another level, this earthquake planet Uranus wants you to run off into the unknown.

This conflicting energy is further amplified as Mercury ends his three-week retrograde cycle. Don’t let the choppy waters of Mercury throw you off center. Keep your heart open and be willing to change on a moment’s notice. Spontaneous activities can be a lot of fun if you are willing to drop your expectations. Get ready for a flood of energies that might make no sense.

Think of this day as a day where you are taking hot glass and blowing your spiritual consciousness into it, thus creating a new reality of beauty and light.

~Suzanne Wagner~


In dance,
but in all art,
it is the transitions
that are the most important.
It is in the connections
between things that
show the real talent,
grace, and attention
to detail.
Making things look
effortless takes
tremendous awareness
of the subtleties of the
space that is in-between
all things.

~Suzanne Wagner~







Mark Willis, I Do (Cherish You) – Video


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