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Numerology/Astrology for 8/1/19

8/1/19 is the number 3. Small things give us joy. Sometimes you have to keep it simple to make your way through the mental mazes of life and stay in the flow of positive life force. And while seeking the light is what life is always doing it is also important to know that being in alignment with the reality is also just as important.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


The first half of August supports you if you want to play or be creative. Mercury has just turned direct on July 31. By the middle of the month some of this sluggishness should start to gain ground. On August 11/12, Jupiter ends his retrograde cycle (since April). Jupiter is associated with your belief system and is the planet that helps you move to the next level. This is good news if you are willing to take a risk on yourself. Uranus begins his long retrograde cycle (until January 2020). The Uranus retrograde cycle for the rest of this year helps shake up your world in order to show you where you have been trapped, stuck, and unmoving. There are new possibilities that are very important. By August 21 and 24, personal planets Venus and Mars enter Virgo, signaling the end of summer. It will be the time to start making a plan and getting organized for the coming change of season.

Welcome to August under a playful Leo Moon on the 1st.

Today, Mercury becomes direct and hopefully all those communication issues will slowly begin to iron out. At least we can blame Mercury less and less. But the issues and mistakes that have happened in the last 3 plus weeks are going to take longer than anticipated to fix.

The Moon in Leo conjunction Mars in Leo continues to put wood on a fire and so tempers will flare and irritability almost becomes the norm. The inner tension is noticeable and your health might feel weakened because of it.

The Moon in Leo trines Jupiter in another fire sign of Sagittarius. While socially and materially this is a beneficial aspect, it is still a lot of fire. There will be those who ruthlessly go after what they want with the intention to tear down others. Use this astrology to bring generosity and optimism to the day instead.

Venus trines Chiron and is still moving towards a square to Uranus. You can open your heart and also know that everyone we know and love have imperfections. See people for who they are. Do not gloss over their shortcomings. It is what makes us unique and who we are. But know that each person can grow with the right touch, smile, love, and coaching.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Beauty is about being
comfortable in your own
skin. It’s about knowing
and accepting who you are.

~Ellen DeGeneres~







Don’t grieve.
Anything you lose
comes round in
another form.


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