Poem – Dancing with Robert LaFosse

Poem – Dancing with Robert La Fosse

We were young. And free as birds.

Excited to explore and share words.

We were in New York and that was a special place.

One that could propel us towards our goals with grace.
The exuberance of youth is curious and unafraid.

It is not concerned and is on a crusade.

We seek those places that we have not found inside.

We wish to stretch and uncover what we forgot to hide.

We are braver when we are with another soul.

Robert had the looks to be braver and more bold.

I don’t know why out of all the girls at the school.

He asked me to explore the city vestibules.
We would dress up and try to look mature and cool.

We would pretend that we knew and made the rules.
We were young and did not worry or care.

If they let us in or down the stairs.

We just wanted to dance and feel the cities pulse.

We needed to expand and follow our impulse.

It was grand to dance the night away.
To feel the music move through me and follow the sway.

He was kind and so very sweet.

He looked the part of any girl’s heartbeat.

But he loved the men and like me … just wanted to dance.

And that was perfect because I was not ready for romance.

We were friends at that point in time.

But those moments change and flip on a dime.

He leaped into the limelight with the grace of a cat.

And I went to the East block of Berlin, practically off the map.

But that moment connects us and for a time we shared.

Those moments of risk and kept each other from being scared.

I did not know then that such a time shapes a soul.

I learned to have fun and to I let go of so much control.

It was a valuable lesson and one that I did not forget.

He was a prince, and I was a coquette.
I know his life has touched and shaped many youngsters’ dreams.

And he continues to inspire with the power that beams.

Out from his heart and through his eyes.

I am sure he will continue to astound and surprise.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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