Poem – Kicker Dancing in the Bayou

Poem – Kicker Dancing in the Bayou

In the heart of Louisiana’s bayou, on a ballet tour we embarked,

Seeking adventure, we ventured deep, where legends and spirits sparked.

Whispers of a hidden gem, a place called the Kicker Bar,

With curiosity and energy, we traveled from near and far.

Born and raised in Texas, with Southern charm we knew,

Polite hospitality would guide us, ensuring our safety too.

Gathered in a group, we set off into the night,

The sounds of the bayou calling, stirring something wild and bright.

Crammed in cabs, we journeyed on, through the murky haze,

Ancient bar awaited us, like a relic from olden days.

Moss hung from Cypress and Tupelo, tales of voodoo lingered,

Whispers of ghosts and escape, where slaves once bravely ventured.

Arriving at the Kicker, we heard music filling the air,

Neon lights and pool tables, a place beyond compare.

As we stepped through the door, eyes turned towards our troupe,

Ballet dancers so stunning, their gazes could not elude.

Men rose from their seats, like a stampede they charged,

Eager and enchanted, their excitement fully enlarged.

A sight for sore eyes, we stood amidst their gaze,

Gorgeous ballerinas, captivating in a balletic haze.

But I, with arms outstretched, halted their fervent rush,

With a serious tone and wry smile, I addressed them with a hush,

“We promise to dance with each of you, but first, we must learn,

The art of Kicker dance, a skill for which we yearn.”

In an instant, their behavior shifted, their enthusiasm contained,

They agreed to guide us gently, in the Kicker dance unrestrained.

Together we swayed, learning steps with grace,

Bridging worlds through rhythm, in this enchanted place.

The night unfolded like a dream, as we twirled and spun,

Dancers and locals intertwined, beneath a neon-lit sun.

Through laughter and camaraderie, barriers were erased,

As the ballet and the bayou fused, a memory forever encased.

So, let it be known, as we ventured far and wide,

To the Kicker Bar in Louisiana’s bayou, where souls can confide,

That ballet dancers and gentlemen can find common ground,

In the magic of the dance, where unity is found.

~Suzanne Wagner~



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