Poem – Silke Sense

Poem – Silke Sense

In your eyes I see a younger me,

Full of life and energy,

Enthusiasm bubbling over,

Dreams and hopes to uncover.

As I watch you with a smile,

I remember my younger style,

When I think of you, even though time has passed by,

And it makes me feel young again, don’t ask me why.

You are a mirror of my past,

A reflection that will always last,

And in your company … I find,

A joy that’s hard to leave behind.

So let us laugh and let us play,

And reminisce about the old days,

For in your eyes, I see my youth,

That reminds me of the honest truth.

Life is short and time flies fast,

But memories will always linger and last,

And in the presence of someone like you,

I find the happiness that is forever true.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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