Poem – We are the Earth touching a Star

Poem – We are the Earth touching a Star

There are days when the storms come in.

That waves of water seem to crawl over your skin.

The sounds of the water flying in the sky.

Seems eternal to my ears as it passes by.

From a distance I can see towards the shore.

As a wall of clouds becomes hard to ignore.

I watch in wonder as I comes my way.

And I see the great trees begin to sway.

This is my home, and I am grateful beyond words.

When I die, I will fly with the birds.

Up the thermals that rise across this land.

And marvel at the landscapes across the strand.

Listen close and you will hear.

The sound of my voice as it sings in your ear.

Whispering encouragement to open wide.

And let in all you are … that continues to hide.

May this world help you see something new.

As the winds lift your wings and work your way through.

The karmic patterns that stop your beautiful flow.

And you finally become (what inside) you do know.

I will wait up … in the wind and clouds.

Until the call of the wild pulls you away from the crowds.

Those loud and obnoxious voices just try to stop your flow.

And I will wait until you remember that you really do know.

The enlightenment you seek is already there.

It is just hiding underneath that stair.

That blocks the view of who you really are.

A piece of earth that touched a star.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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