Poem – Weaving Words to Build Bridges

Poem – Weaving Words to Build the Bridges

In the realm where art and ballet intertwine,

A formless essence found its home in mine.

When I danced, hearts were touched, souls set aglow,

Reminding all of life’s eternal flow.

Death can’t divide the love we share,

For that force unites us, and is beyond despair.

Each breath we take is cherished, without fear,

Such powerful light inspires the brave and sincere.

As I weave words, a bridge they become,

I reveal the magnificence that lies within everyone.

A testament to artists who dared to defy,

The limits of their minds, or society’s lie.

Rebels against fear, warriors of the soul,

Artists only want to make us feel more whole.

They weave energy, sound, light, and grace,

Guiding us to connect, to some familiar embrace.

Art, in its many forms, breaks the chains,

That try to bind us to duality’s pains.

It frees the spirit, it unlocks the cage,

Awakening us to the beauty that all of life is a stage.

In patterns and pathways, we find release,

It illuminates the prisons constructed by the mind’s caprice.

For within us lies a divine spark,

And just yearning to connect, will leave its mark.

So let all artists weave their magic thread,

Allow it to show what lies ahead.

In unity and oneness, we find our place,

Through remembering, awakening, and embracing grace.

For we are infinite, ageless, and eternally young.

And we are bound by a pact to remember that we are all one.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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