Suzanne’s Blog on the Wolf Moon

Suzanne’s Blog for 1/6/2023

Blog – The Wolf Moon

This Full Moon is being called a Wolf Moon and as that is a powerful image, notice what things call out to you in the night.
Notice if you feel you have found your pack and family.
And notice what …or who is calling to you in the darkness.
A wolf call allows us to know that we are not alone. It calls to others that are out there hunting in the darkness.
The wolf call tries to pierce the loneliness that we all can feel.
Yet, the call is powerful, haunting, protective, and evokes that primal parts of ourselves that still linger in the darkness of our psyche.

We howl to remember our pack and those that are no longer here. We howl to celebrate and to let others know they are in our territory.
We howl to remind others that we are strong and not alone.

Perhaps today, it is time to call those of your spiritual pack and connect in meaningful ways. Make a list of gratitude’s that others in your pack have offered with an open heart and that have truly helped and inspired us to make it through difficult times.

A long howl is a tool for centering us back into those places of intuitive knowing. It is a call to reclaim our wildness and that we are a part of this earth. This call, breaks us out of the many extraneous details, lies, and distortions that come from being overwhelmed by the opinions of lost souls.

Realize that the animals, birds, and creatures on your property know more about you and your position in their lives … than humans often know about their own.
Nature calls to us to open and listen.
Nature calls to us to connect and remember our own wisdom.

Nature reminds us that we can deepen our importance and position if we align with the earths grid lines and become a willing steward of this beautiful planet … rather than a person who is constantly and unconsciously taking from the land.

~Suzanne Wagner~



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