Suzanne’s Personal Quote for 1/8/2023

Suzanne’s Personal Quote/Poem for 1/8/2023

Quote –

Let the mysteries of life guide your quests for understanding.

Let the magic show you the way through the obvious.

Let the path ahead have many twists and turns because those crooked paths will be a great story for another time.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Theater is a living, breathing, reflection of how humans strive for greatness and can monumentally fail.

The beauty of the theater is in its imperfections.
It longs to create beauty and inspiration for those wallowing in mediocrity.
It shows a potential for mankind through discipline and structure.
It longs for deeper expression of emotions in a world that tries to suppress them.
It shows a wild abandon that is not allowed in society.
It shows the trauma of loss and the ultimate journey to forgiveness and grace.
It wants a happy ending but that ending is often only uncovered when the characters are willing to surrender and lovingly go through the pain of life and loss.

It is an honest mirror of who we really are.

It is … its own muse.
To me … dance and theater, is the teacher of all the most essential things in life that carry us beyond the mundane and into the hidden worlds of magic.

 ~Suzanne Wagner~


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