Suzanne’s Poem for 1/1/2023 – Celebrating a New Year

Suzanne’s Personal Quote/Poem for 1/1/2023

Poem – Celebrating a New Year!

We start this year out with much to say.
We are here to celebrate a new day.

Christmas trees need to come down.

I hope some of you last night got out on the town.

The Father Time that was old and gray.

The one filled with tiredness and much dismay.

Is reborn again, young and filled with hope.

Giving us more energy to get going and to cope.

Embrace the wet and the cold of the season.

It is time to smile and stay warm as we ease in.

Ease into this New Year with those we love.

Bake those cookies and remember those gloves.

Because while the year has shifted … there is much to do.
And so many seek to find what is good and true.

Make a pact to love a bit more.

Make a choice to not even the score.

Allow this fresh start to clean the slate.

Let go of needing to fight or debate.

It is time to embrace a broader view.

It is time to open to something new.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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