Suzanne’s Poem for 1/2/2023 – Remembering Ireland and the Neolithic Site – Newgrange

Suzanne’s Personal Quote/Poem for 1/2/2023

Poem – Remembering Ireland and the Neolithic site, Newgrange

I thought yesterday about the caves of Newgrange.

Shining the light of solstice as those beams came.

Through the clouds and into the chamber.
Awaking all those that remained here.

The country of Ireland activated my blood.

The lineages of time in which I have been loved.

Ancestors of old showed me the way.

I found the joys and magic in a causeway.

Giants of old still beat in my heart.

Stories of ancient castles around a rampart.

Glorious waterfalls, and timeless lakes.

The infinite wonders that lay outside stony gates.

I had a trip that I will cherish throughout time.

I had a moment when I did not need to worry about a dime.

We did it all and we did it so well.

We celebrated the ancestors who went through such hell.

And as we returned to our lands of old.

We commemorated their sacrifices by being generous and bold.

Their dreams did manifest within my life.

Their hopes did have a powerful and beautiful afterlife.

The stones still talk to me in the ancient tongue.

Reminding that there is still music within … left unsung.
Live life now … and do not hesitate.

Connect to those whose hearts liberate.

That magic inside from those olden days.

Those who allow us to remember that forever and always.

They will be our friend in this time and another.

Whether they are our friend, our mate, or our mother.
Life does not end as we pass through this time.

We will all come together and be once again in our prime.
While we may not remember the details of each age.

The feeling is strong as we pass through each stage.

We remember the feeling that comes through another’s eyes.

We remember the moments that astound and surprise.
I wait for you at that amazing place.

Where time does not exist, and we are not ruled by fates.
There we will have all the clarity we need.

And know that each moment … we did manage to succeed.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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