Poem – Goddess of the Sacred Spring

Goddess of the Sacred Spring

Goddess of the Sacred Spring, hear our plea,

In your nurturing waters, allow our spirits to be free.

Beneath your gentle gaze, all wounds can mend,

In your eternal embrace, allow our life to ascend.

Your healing touch, like ripples on a pond,

Stirs the depths within, where strength lies beyond.

With every droplet that cascades and falls,

Your symphony of renewal becomes our sacred call.

From the depths of darkness, you arise,

A beacon of hope, painting vibrant skies.

In your presence, old sorrows are released,

As souls find solace, and burdens find peace.

Oh, Goddess of the Sacred Spring, we implore,

Bathe us in your grace, forevermore.

Wash away our troubles, cleanse our weary hearts,

Ignite the flame of growth, where new life starts.

From your hallowed well, wisdom springs anew,

Like blossoms unfurling, our souls bloom true.

Grant us the strength to rise and embrace,

The journey of rebirth, with love and grace.

Your soothing waters, have the wisdom of a library,

Help us to heal, to grow, as you are our sanctuary.

With each drop of your water, we are made whole,

Rekindling that spark within our very soul.

So, let us honor you, with every sacred rite,

Under the moon’s glow, and stars shining bright.

Goddess of the Sacred Spring, your blessings we receive,

In your eternal embrace, we heal, renew, and believe.
~Suzanne Wagner~



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