Poem – Oh, to the Need of Siri and AI for Smoke Detectors

Poem – Oh, to the Need of Siri and AI for Smoke Detectors

In the bustling kitchen’s lively dance,

Where pots and pans entwine, a chance

Where culinary wonders continuously arise,

Sudden piercing sounds change the tone because of French fries.

Amidst the sizzle, the simmer, and the fry,

A persistent wail invades the sky.

Smoke detectors, guardians of our safety,

But oh, the irony, because they drive us crazy!

In times of culinary delight and haste,

When flavors mingle and aromas embrace,

Their shrill alarms disrupt our rhythmic flow,

A vexing reminder, and a persistent foe.

Oh, Siri, AI, hear our fervent plea,

Unleash your magic, even if our cooking is smokey.

Grant us a power to silence the strife,

To mute those sirens that haunt our life.

With a simple command, “Oh, digital friend,

Turn off the smoke detector’s boisterous trend.”

Let technology bring harmony to our domain,

A tranquil haven where flavors can again reign.

No more shall we dance to their jarring tune,

No more shall we endure their piercing croon.

For Siri and AI, with wisdom so vast,

Please give us respite and reprieve at last.

In this brave new world, where innovation soars,

Let culinary creation thrive, unhindered by roars.

With a voice-control perhaps the sirens can retreat,

Allow us to cook with passion, undisturbed and complete.

It could be a future not far away,

Where Siri and AI join us in our kitchen’s ballet.

Where smoke detectors, once a nuisance we endure,

Become silenced by the touch of a voice, secure.

~Suzanne Wagner~



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