In a world as rife with paradox and possibility as this one, an intelligent psychic with a good sense of humor might as well be listed right along with the family dentist in the “services” section of one’s day planner. Printed in permanent ink in many people’s books is the name and phone number of psychic Suzanne Wagner.

Suzanne’s psychic abilities began as a child when she could see and talk to her guardian angels. She developed her abilities until she could see and talk to the guides and guardians of other people. Because of Suzanne’s soul connection her readings are sensitive, compassionate, humorous, and insightful.

Suzanne writes a monthly article in the “Catalyst Magazine” in Utah with her insights for the month. She is also an inspirational speaker and healer and has spoken on radio. She teaches Numerology, Palmistry, Tarot, and Channeling. She works in California, and on the first weekend of the month she works in Los Angeles. She routinely works in Utah and Idaho. You can check her scheduler to find the location and times when she is in each area.

As a result a client needs to make appointments in advance as she in not always in one location. Phone consultations are required to give a credit card in advance of the appointment. Suzanne will e-mail you an mp3 recording of your reading after the appointment. You are welcome to bring your Ipod with a microphone and record your session digitally if you want if you are doing an in person session.

She is a published author with four products on Tarot and Numerology, two books and two CD sets. You can find her books and CD’s on Amazon.com.

Her phone consultations attract clients from all over the US. Suzanne believes that we are living in extraordinary times. Her work assists people in connecting to the higher realms.

Personal Note from Suzanne

As much as we would love to believe all the TV shows and information that is in the public eye about psychics, no psychic is 100% accurate. Nor should you expect me to be 100% correct for every person. In my work, I bring my skills and years of experience to translate the complex patterns that are around each soul as they journey through life. If I am not able to answer a question because the situation is in flux or changing based on your current choices and patterns, I will tell you that I do not know the answer.

I see my work as a process to explore and reveal to a client the patterns that they have in their life. I can see the past life experiences that are affecting your present reality. I can offer ways to negotiate the complex difficult times that you find yourself in and will point out what the lesson is that the universe is trying to teach you and what you might not be understanding about the messages coming into your reality. As you finally understand what the lesson is, it becomes easier for the mind to let go and allow the changes to evolve your spirit.

Please note! I am not the scary psychic that will try to instill fear in order to keep you as a client. I will not tell you that your house is going to burn down if you do not do what I say. Any psychic that does that is manipulating the client and not a valid psychic. I tend to be an optimist and I attempt to see the positive in every situation. But there are moments in everyone’s life when things are not going well. These are often moments for growth and karmic lessons. At these times the information that I may give you may be contrary to your present position and your ego mind will not like the suggestions. Remember, they are only suggestions. During these times it is often difficult to navigate your own space and you will feel lost and confused. My job is to point out what your gifts and talents naturally are and help you have the confidence to go in new directions that serve your highest self. You may not want to go there, as that can be very frightening to let go of your old identity and move into a completely new territory. When you get to a new place or circumstance, things might be difficult at first. Just because you are supposed to change and grow does not mean that every thing will be easy. Quite the contrary. Change is hard and challenging. Our mind has to stretch and open to new ways of doing things. Yet, later on, we see the value of challenges and through those challenges we become more authentic, content, and aware.

I had a guru of mine many years ago say that if you came up with the idea for what your true purpose and destiny is, then you need to know that your ego has chosen it. It is not your authentic self. It is tremendously difficult to see who you truly are underneath all the beliefs, pictures, and desires that you want for your life. But if someone else tells you what he or she sees as your mission or destiny, and your ego immediately say, “That is not right! I do not want or believe that I can do that!” Then that is probably the direction to look. Especially if many others have told you a slightly different version of the same thing.

So, I ask each of you to take a breath and slow down when your ego mind wants to reject suggestions or when you do not believe something is actually possible. I do not need to be right. I totally respect the choices that each soul makes in their life’s journey. I like to bring a fresh approach and look into areas that you may not see as your strengths or talents.

I tend to speak rather quickly, as I have a Gemini Moon in my astrological chart. I am usually attempting to get a tremendous amount of information to you during a normal hour session. Please know that you may jump in at any time and interrupt me to ask questions. Many people are so amazed by the information that they just listen for about 40, or so, minutes. I will allow you to ask any questions you want. If you are wanting information about someone else specifically, it is good to let me know that at the beginning as I will tend to read you rather than another person that you know.

I am here as an intuitive and psychic to inspire each person I come in contact with to remember who they really are and to help them step on to their life’s path and destiny. A reading with me will feel as if I know your personal song and I can play that song back to you. When you hear the song, you are able to recognize it and remember. This allows you to open to the higher realms of consciousness within. Then movement and growth happen naturally.

It is also important to note that as you open or shut down to the information being given, that alters the time line. What that means is if I tell you something that you don’t want to hear, such as: your boyfriend and you are going to break up within a few months. You can resist the information and try to make my information untrue. You are, after all, a baby God learning to make choices and manifest in the physical reality. So even if a relationship is not supposed to be yours, you can hang on for dear life and become highly creative in manipulating the other person to keep them in your life. Ultimately the relationship will still fail but the time line might be later than I predicted.

Negative information can also be the kick in the behind that motivates you to unravel the deeper emotional blocks and patterns that are making a relationship not work. Unfortunately it takes two to tango, so both people in the relationship have to work together to climb out of the hole. If each person is willing to change and grow then the relationship can be saved, once again changing the time line.

Timing in general as a psychic is the ultimate challenge. After I get to know a client better, I begin to understand their rhythm and flow to the shifts and changes that will happen in life. Each person has a different rhythm. I attempt to feel into your heart and flow to calculate timing for your energy. In my life I have learned that when I say to a client that something might take two months, it might actually happen in two weeks. Or the reverse can happen. So know that timing is a challenging thing and I will do my best to give you as much information as I can.

Also know that there are moments in my business when I can get overwhelmed with clients all needing something at the same time. This can make my scheduled appointments run back-to-back. So I will not have the ability to give extra time in those moments. This is often associated with astrological patterns of change. And everyone is feeling the shifts simultaneously. During these periods I am attempting to put out lots of fires all at once. Please know that I am doing my best to give my time and attention to everyone and I am not trying to rush you or be insensitive to your needs. But it is also inappropriate to attempt to take more time than you have requested, as it may cut into someone elses session.

In my work I utilize many tools for psychic impressions to work within a reading. This gives the possibility of honing in through multiple tracking mechanisms and improves the accuracy of reading a client. If each tool brings more information to a similar subject that is a validation that something about that information is correct and needs to be paid attention to. It then allows me to go deeper and explore all the nuances of that particular pattern or issue.

Normally in a reading I use Numerology, Palmistry, Tarot cards, and Channeling abilities to read each person. If you have a preference and do not want Tarot or do not believe in Channeling, please just let me know at the beginning of your reading.

To me everything is channeling.

I use tools such as Numerology, Palmistry, and Tarot to just give me markers as to where to begin. Every person is a complex pattern of energies, emotions, and patterns. The challenge of a psychic is to know how to sort this information in a way that assists others. So when I am doing Numerology, the numbers become the beginning point for me to hone in on your patterns. What I do with Numerology you will not find in any book other than the one that I have written, Integral Numerology. But where I go from there is about channeling those numbers through your energy matrix to find how they relate personally to you and your family. The same is true with Palmistry. I use the patterns of the hand as an access doorway to feel your life force energy. I then place my third eye over the center of your hand chakra and I begin to see images and patterns as to who you are and how you move your energy.

I am clairaudient, clairsentient, and get sudden impressions or images. Even though I am not specifically a medium (someone who reads dead people) that is something that randomly happens from time to time. Unfortunately, I cannot force it to happen. It usually happens the moment you walk in my door or the dead person has been hanging around my house for that day before you get there. I often am not sure whom that dead person belongs to until you walk in the door.

Please know that Channeling and Mediumship are two different modalities. Mediumship is specifically about reading only the dead. Channeling is about talking to your guides and angels. Even thought Mediumship is not something I can get consistently, Channeling is something I have done since I was a child. I have spoken to my angels and guides my whole life. This methodology is very easy for me and I enjoy speaking to your guides and angels. If this is a modality that you love, please let me know at the beginning of a reading, as to many this is something that is scary and I will do it at the very end of a reading or not at all depending on how open you are.

In working with clients, trust and openness are important, as a reading is about intimacy and connection. Each person has the ability to block a psychic. Defensive postures and a preconceived notion about what information you want to hear can block you from really getting the deeper meanings in the information I am trying to give you.

All information is coming through my filters. It is my job to keep myself as clear as possible to be able to translate that accurately for the client. But remember, I am human. I am not an enlightened being at this time. It is possible for me to make mistakes and miss something. I do my best to meditate every day and keep myself clear and not throw my projections or issues on to your reading. So take what you hear and sit with it and allow it to assist you to grow. If it does not fit, please discard it and perhaps at a later date it will make more sense.

There are times when a client will attempt to argue with me when I tell them something that they do not want to know or accept. Later on they will come back and tell me that they didn’t want me to be accurate and they tried really hard to make me wrong or to get me to change my opinion but it happened as I said anyway.

It is not my job to tell you what you want to hear but to help you learn and grow through the choices and experiences you are having. My job is to warn of impending challenges and to give options that will minimize the negative effects and allow the lessons to be learned gently.

To me there is a difference between someone needing to heal and someone wanting to learn and become aware of who they are and begin to find ways to make their life a work of art.

As a psychic, I operate from the later.

When you are healing you need a gentle space and professional healers to give you the time to heal the deeper physical and emotional wounds of your life.

As a psychic, I am not acting as a healer. My job is to give you information that will assist you in seeing your true self and open to situations that might be coming your way. If you are wanting me to heal you then a reading with me is not the correct modality for you. If you are looking for healing you need to go in the direction of a therapist, psychiatrist, doctor, social worker, etc. That is what they do as healing takes a tremendous amount of time. In a reading with me, we only have an hour to explore areas of your being. You cannot heal anyone deeply in that short amount of time. In an hour I can crack some doors open and allow you to see into areas that you might need to work on. But then it is up to you to continue your spiritual journey by finding those that have the skills that can allow you to slowly and gently heal the wounds of your life.

Psychic readings are about receiving insights and perspectives of your self that you cannot see or may not be using. Readings are about seeing future patterns that might come you way and give you a perspective that can help you navigate the challenging moments in your life.

Spiritual awakenings of consciousness happen when you have laid the groundwork for your soul to expand. Groundwork takes time. I have worked on pieces within myself that guru’s and teachers told me about for years before I finally got a breakthrough. Many times I would go into resistance that I needed to do those pieces. When I let go and gave myself permission to try new things and look at things from other directions that is often when huge shifts of transformation happened.

When I am working with clients I can often get information about their health and what they might need to try to get back into balance. This is not an attempt to medically diagnose illness or patterns. This is not to usurp any medical experts with their opinions about how to proceed with medical conditions. The intention is to be an addendum and give added insight as to what is happening to the body as a result of the soul’s journey in this life.

I have been a licensed massage therapist since 1988 and I am well acquainted with many healing modalities, as I am required to do continuing education to keep up my licenses. As a result, I know much about alternative healing techniques and have personally experienced them myself. When I am in my massage therapist mode I will be acting as a healer for you from those tools and traditions in which I have been trained. I will be able to give you referrals to other healers that are specialists in certain areas if you are in the Salt Lake City area. I am connected with many of the best healers and teachers in my area and those that I refer I trust with my own health and well-being.

I will do my best to translate the complex subtle patterns of psychic energy into a format that hopefully will inspire, instruct, uplift, and bring new awareness to your life. These days psychics are a fad and there are many out there who are calling themselves “psychics”. It is important to have a referral from someone you trust or it is important check out a psychics reputation and skill. It takes years and huge amounts of time, energy, mediation, and inner work to be able to be a clear channel for others.

I have been doing this all of my life and each person brings their own unique patterns into a reading which assist in the reading. It is the combination of yours and my energies that allow the unfolding of the magic during a psychic reading. Fifty percent of being a good psychic is about being able to get accurate information. The other fifty percent is about being able to translate that information in a way that the client can understand and integrate.

I am not able to read everyone. I do make mistakes. My intention is to help (to the best of my ability) and to assist others in their spiritual growth and development. Just because your soul is supposed to go in a direction does not mean that everything will be perfect or you will get some magical outcome. We all have Karmic lessons to learn along our pathways. These lessons are essential for the souls development. It is ultimately your soul that will guide your pathway to enlightenment.

Psychics are guides along that pathway that help you see the patterns that are unfolding in your life. You are always at choice and it is your choices that can change the outcome for a future event. Each small choice in your life changes the future’s projected outcome. If you do not like a psychics vision for your future, it is your choice to make shifts in your reality to alter that outcome. In that way, psychics are sometimes the cosmic wake up call for you to become aware of dysfunctional patterns that will not give you the outcome you wish.

Be aware that it is not possible for every psychic to be able to read each person’s energy exactly. We are human. We have good and bad days. No psychic can be 100% on every hour of every day. We have our own patterns and personal issues that can interrupt the flow of energy. If I or any other psychic is not able to predict an outcome accurately then it is best to not go back to that psychic.

Note that psychics that speak badly of other psychics are not clear themselves. When someone is in judgment of others or are in a reactive state, they are not able to be objective or clear as a reader.

Be wary of any psychic that promises they can fix all your relationship issues or financial problems. That is not possible. Psychics can show you the dysfunctional patterns that are present in your life and give tools or referrals to others to help you work through the issues. Do not give extra money to psychics who promise that for a fee they will clear all your karma or cast a spell and remove people, situations or issues that you do not like in your life. These are not psychics they are rip-off artists.

Suzanne also reserves the right to refuse to work with any particular client that she does not feel she aligns with or cannot energetically connect to in a healthy, conscious, and constructive manner. 

“Working with you has been one of the most marvelous experiences I think anyone could have. I thought of a hundred things to say the other night to describe how incredible you are, and of course, they escape me right now. I couldn’t have made this much progress in the past couple of years without your help and guidance. You are a healer, a stupendous teacher, and friend. I still think you need to bottle half the stuff that comes out of your mouth!” — Rita

“I think the first time I came to see you was the fall of 1993. I was contemplating massage school and you said it do it…but it would only be the beginning. The next time I saw you, you did cranial on me and “tranced” me into a place where I opened doors into my future. That experience has never left me. It was life altering!

Always your read of the energy surrounding me and this planet has been of benefit. I go to you when I need clarity and healing. I always get it. I’m so grateful that you entered my life and that I’m still able to talk to you when I need to. I know you could have chosen a much different life and left behind the “little people” in Utah. But you’ve chosen to serve those who are ordinary and lead routine lives-raising the awareness everywhere you can. Your influence on the community in Utah has been such a gift! I think your enlightening energy balances out density.

I have a great deal of respect for you for using your gift to better this world rather than in a self-serving way. You have enormous integrity and light. You’ve been a good teacher, a good example, a fine storyteller, a playful imp, and just a delight to be around.

I may be one of hundreds who feel this way, but I somehow felt that you took me under your wing and showed me a special sort of friendship in the “client” dynamic. I don’t know how you do that but you are very good at it.

Thank you so much for all you’ve done for this earth, the community and me!” — Vi

” I want to thank you for your workshop this past weekend. Every person there was so inspiring. I’m trying to keep at least a portion of that peaceful spirit and positive energy with me daily. You are an inspiration of love.” — Sue

” Thank you for taking the time to talk to my mother. You really touched her. You touched me too.”— Maria Mary Shan

” …thank you for your energy in putting together last week’s workshop. It was so very powerful and magnetic for me, personally, and I also wish to thank you for your support, and for being the person that you are, integrous, sensitive, wise, and loving.” — Dot

“I just wanted to thank you for all you do for us and all you’ve taught us. You’ve really opened a whole new incredible world for us. W are so grateful for what we’ve learned in your classes and are excited to take more. Thanks for the new world; we love it.” — Melenie and family

” I cannot say how I found your web site, nor exactly what prompted me to call and schedule a reading with you. All I can say is that I was ready—and there you were! …Let me say that your confirmations, insights and gleanings were astonishingly attuned to the conditions, challenges, questions, and quests I am currently facing! — Dennis

“Thank you again for giving me the confidence in myself that I need right now. I feel so much better after our one hour reading.” — Lindsey Frear

“ My first reading with Suzanne Wagner literally changed my life! My late husband came forth with his outrageous humor and tidbits about our life that only he would have known. He identified himself as my healing guide as I was very ill; I really did not care to live without him. Three hours later I left with a sense of knowing I was here for a purpose and would have an adventure in accomplishing it. Suzanne points out the lessons we are here to learn and if you apply yourself to learning them you can change your life. I know…I have done it!” — N. Cortes

” You have inspired me and supported me in moving really fast with developing clarity and vision in my life. I hope to get more of your help in strengthening my God-connection, discovering and honing my talents, letting go of having to recreate patterns of loss and grief, and to get better at differentiating who’s stuff is who’s.” — Sheryl Seliger

” I’m writing to thank you for an amazing experience last weekend…The experience has been truly transformative for me, although I am still integrating it, and finding out in many ways how I am seeing life with new eyes.”— Sheryl

” Thank you! You were Right on!! The confirmation abated a lot of my anxiety as I pass through these gates of transformation. I really enjoy you and your wonderful energy.” — Peter

” Thank you for your channeling class. I really appreciate the time and other sacrifices you made to give us this class. It meant a lot to me! I’ve definitely gained some confidence in my abilities. I thank you and my guides thank you, too.”— Ember

” Thanks so much for your penetrating contact with the guides and your ability to hear, listen, and understand on another level. I am so grateful to again feel the wisdom of the Divine through you, reminding me to go first to the Source, seek humility, choose once again the Path. I need not descend to ask help, but to reawaken what is already here.” — Terry

” Thanks so much for your time and energy—in listening to the tape I am amazed at your spirit and energy.” — Liz


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