Testimonials on Suzanne’s Book “Integral Tarot and Integral Numerology”

Julie Newmar-Actress
Your book on numerology is the best ever! Something I use all the time in the Real Estate part of my business. Uncanny but it always seems to work. Thank you for your generosity and all the work you have so flawlessly made accessible.

Samantha Erin-Actress
This book is fantastic! I have been studying the Tarot for a while and have read/worked with many books, but this book is by far the best I have ever used! Each card is thoroughly explained from many perspectives, and the quick reference section is amazing. There is such attention to detail in this book, and it has given me new insight into the illustrations and meanings of the cards. This book is so personalized, Suzanne manages to make you feel completely comfortable and at home, no matter what your level of learning! I am looking forward to more books!

Ronald Scott Maestri-Comedian, Actor, Producer, Talk Show Host (QVC & Shop at Home Network)
Suzanne Wagner dazzles me every time she reads my tarot cards. I’d watch in amazement, as she would literally dance across the messages of the cards, hitting me right between the eyes with their messages of truth and wisdom. Her personal experience and understanding of them is obviously quite vast, based on her own years of working experience. In a rare opportunity, Suzanne shares her incredible insights into how to read each and every card with her book, “Integral Tarot”. Today, I have a greater insight into myself. I start each day with my own personal readings. Using Suzanne’s book as my guide, those cards speak truths directly to me, even more clearly than when I was a passive observer getting read by someone else. Now, I can hear my guardian angel speak right through me, and you will too. I highly recommend this book to you. It will change your life, just as it continues to change mine.

Cheryl Carter-Editor and Writer
Suzanne Wagner has successfully integrated the complexities of the Crowley Tarot in a very approachable manner. Her extensive understanding shines through as she welcomes the reader to explore and learn about this ancient reflection on the spiritual journey.

Joel Castleberg-Producer of Panama Pictures
I have owned and experimented with a tarot deck for over 15 years and never really knew how to work with it. Working with Suzanne’s tarot book for only a short time has been extraordinary…in terms of learning about the tarot, but mostly as a guide in my own personal exploration of consciousness.

Ross Gigliotti: Intuitive Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist
“Integral Tarot” has become a major tool in my intuitive coaching business. It helps to quickly pinpoint a client’s challenges, both seen and unseen. Integral Tarot accurately provides solutions and possibilities to resolve these challenges. Integral Tarot is a blessing in my own personal journey. Integral Tarot is concise, to the point, and highly accurate. The detail and application of up-to-date metaphors makes it a simple task to apply the Aleister Crowley Tarot throughout time.

Integral Tarot has made the Aleister Crowley Tarot literally come alive. With the precise information on each card and up to date metaphors in its application, this book makes reading for another simple and exact. Suzanne’s love and command of the Tarot is excitingly brought to life in her book, “Integral Tarot”. Her application of up-to-date metaphors, as well as ancient myth, coupled with thought provoking questions, make Integral Tarot, a “Must Own” for both the beginner as well as seasoned, Tarot reader.

Dr. Mary E. Gutierrez: Magickal-Musings.com” (Houston, TX. USA)
This book is excellent and everyone interested in Tarot needs to read it. Although it is written for the Thoth Crowley deck with specific references to symbols as they appear on the cards in that deck, I find it quite applicable to most other decks, as well. The discussion of each card is thorough and well written so that beginners will have an easy time with this book and yet be able to give themselves advanced readings through the use of the multi-leveled interpretations offered in the text.

I’ve been a professional Reader for over 25 years and am very well-read in the field. I can say with all sincerity that this is by far the BEST book on Tarot that I have ever read!


“I’ve been processing our session and I want to share that you confirmed much of what I already knew but was reluctant and resistant to accept fully. You did it in a way that reminded me to step outside of my ego-mind, to open more fully to the suspension of all belief and disbelief in order to maintain a vibration of allowing. You reminded me of my true power. Thank you.
I’ve directed a number of folks to you already – I tell them to go your website. I’m sure I’ll be back at some point, too! I have much to work with now.”  Beth S.


Just wanted to send you a follow up note regarding this weekend and the weekend before. I am eternally grateful to have met such a wonderful teacher! Thank you for all of your hard work and love you put into writing your tarot book and all the workshops you organize.You have such a gift at creating open, loving and healing space for a workshop to carry itself out. I always come out of a weekend with you feeling as if I have grown through being broken open in the most gentle way. That’s the best way I could put my experience into words but I don’t feel words can fully encapsulate how your workshops effect me.
Looking forward to participating in the wild women’s synopsium and embodiment workshop. I have always felt something magical take place when women come together through love and support of eachothers growth. These events you facilitate feel as if a dream I’ve always wanted to live out has come true. Hope you have a cozy rainy day 🙂 Talk to you soon!
Lots of love,

“I am so grateful to have you in my life as well as my families. Grateful for your bubbly personality, integrity, nad honesty. You are an amazing woman and warrior teacher.” Peggy M.

“Thank you for leading me out of my cavern of dispair and discouragement to a new life in the world of magic and psychic phenomeum. You have been an extreme blessing to me.” Ross G.

“Hi Suzanne, It was so great to speak with you last evening…without a doubt the most accurate reading I’ve had and the easiest to understand!” Denise P.

“Well I have some good news to share with you. I have a job.

“When I first came to one of the Sylvia Browne things you do I had asked you about work. You told me to take a fun job that would be close to here so I would not have a big commute. Well last week I interviewed to work for the Arizona Diamondbacks and wanted that job, but after the commute into downtown Phoenix I kind of changed my mind. SO I took your advise and looked closer. As luck would have it, I applied online this Saturday for a job and 10 minutes later they called me for an interview. I went today and was hired on the spot. About a 15 minute drive from here. And to top it off it is the chance I have wanted all my life. To work in the travel industry. So I was hired on to work for Norwegian Cruise Lines and I start the 26 of this month, 1 day before my birthday.”

“So thank you so much for yet again steering me in the right direction. I may need a cruise buddy one of these times, so be prepared.”

“Hope to see you again soon.”—Bev Reinhold

“For some reason the other night, I was led to checking out your website. You have been doing my readings for the past 4 years, at least, and I’d never thought to do so.”

“I can’t even explain what happened after I spent almost an hour navigating through it and reading with incredible delight, wonder, and joy your stories as a child and how your gift kept developing over the years. It was like swallowing a big pill of faith that I needed so desperately at that moment. the story about the man who was contemplating suicide when you were doing his massage just stunned me. What an amazing experience to have.”

“I was walking around my apartment that night feeling really lost, anxious, wanting to believe in something that was bigger and pure and wasn’t sure how to connect. It was a feeling of despair. After I read your stories about your experiences with angels, I moved into this place of hope almost instantly. It was almost as though someone was saying, see you were looking for something and here it is…believe.”

“After every reading with you, I find myself laughing, hopeful. Your energy is magnetic and I am so blessed that over 4 years ago, a friend of mine passed along your name and number….thank God.”

“After I read your website the other night, I walked into my living room and started actually talking with my angels in the spirit of, Come on guys, I know you are there…Suzanne reminded me that you were.”

“I blew out the candles I had lit earlier that night, pulled out my angel goddess cards and asked a question about my boyfriend. As you know, I am often anxious about the relationship because I’m terrified that this is actually the real deal. I love this man.”

“Suzanne, the most beautiful cards fell out. And before, I finished asking the question, the SoulMate card literally fell out with finality. I got tears in my eyes. I looked up and saw the smoke from the candle disappear and I knew that I was not alone. It was amazing and I needed that so much. It was a balm to my soul.

With so much love and gratitude….this world is blessed to have you in it. —S. Ghali

“For many years, your guidance has provided the clarity and accuracy that I needed to live the life I have always known I could live.”— L. Rose

“Suzanne, I want to let you know how much you have helped me make sense of my life.” — R. Valentine

“Consistently, when I work with Suzanne, I know myself and my own intuition in depth, and I am able to center myself in my life more easily.” — A. Knowley

” I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the Tarot class this past weekend. I feel very honored and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to learn from you. Thank you for your love and caring and for sharing your great gifts.” — Shelly Wolf

“Thank you so much for your time. It was reassuring to have acknowledgement that my instincts are intact and functioning on target. it’s also nice to know that I am not the only person that thinks about myself the way I do. Please put me on your list for a reading when you come to California again. I am looking forward to it already.” — C. Pace

“You are an amazing woman and a delightful one. thanks you for an hour of enlightenment. I am unbelievably grateful. I have just listened to the tape again (taking notes) and I am shaking and tearing. I walue the poignant personal stories you told. I did plan to tell you (but failed) what a fine writer you are and how I do look forward to each Catalyst article. I wish I knew how many years I have been turning to your page to read it. Many I am sure!”— C. Richards

Dearest Suzanne. “All mothers are the bearers of lives into the world. For a great mother it does not matter how old the new advent is. She raises them form the infancy of their own and gives them the gift of maturity and grows them to be free. And in that freedom they are welcomed by the cosmos… And the cosmos smiles in gratitude to the mother. In order to be this kind of mother she is selfless, only wanting the children to grow. The true mother is unconscious of her motherhood, conscious only of the needs of her young – however old they may be.” Thank you for growing us up! K.Brinkley, M. Lake, and all of your students.