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Astrology for the Month

Astrology for February 2024

Astrology for February 2024 Much is happening this month, and it intends to push us in many directions. This month feels to me as if we are being fed [...]


Astrology for December 2023   Get ready! Because December is going to be a wild ride on every level. We begin this month with Mercury going into Capricorn on [...]

Astrology for November 2023

Astrology for November 2023 November comes in with a wail from all the eclipses in October. It will prove to be an interesting month for a variety of reasons. [...]

Astrology for October 2023

Astrology for October 2023 The solar eclipse in Libra is the big event this month. We move into the places of intensity that now get compounded with the moods, [...]

Astrology for August 2023

Astrology for August 2023   Are you feeling warm yet? Perhaps you are feeling a bit hot under the collar? That is to be expected this month. Here we are [...]

Astrology for July 2023

Astrology for July 2023   This month starts us off with a Full Moon in Capricorn on July 3rd.  This aspect illuminates what we are still trying to come to [...]

Astrology for June 2023 Astrology for June 2023     We start the Month off with a bang, as the North Node will conjunct Jupiter, June 1st in Taurus. This will pull us [...]

Astrology for April 2023 Astrology for April 2023     We have officially shifted into a different time and reality. It will take the next 19 months for this really different pattern to [...]

Astrology for December 2022

Astrology for December 2022Taking back our world with a storm Take this month to prepare for the upcoming Pisces Storms of 2023.I will talk more about that in my Astrology [...]

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