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Cost for Sessions with Suzanne

Current Pricing

New Client Special – One Hour Session $150
Regular One Hour Session $180
1/2 Hour Session $90
85 minutes Session $240

Readings include Astrology Update, Numerology, Tarot, and Channeling.
If you want something specific you are welcome to specify at the beginning of the session.
If you want your chart done that can be included on your first session.
But I will need your time, date, and place of birth.

Each additional chart I put together will cost an additional $50 per chart.


Intuitive Patterns for the Year 2023




Suzanne has been a practicing psychic since she was a child. She assumed that everyone could see and hear the things that she did from a young age. As she grew she became aware that others did not operate or experience the world in a similar fashion. She decided by the age of 6, that adults had somehow disconnected from their divine and highest self. She vowed to not make that same mistake.
Fortunately, her life was one of music, numbers, rhythms, poetry, art, and ballet. That gave her the opportunity to practice the ability to keep both her right and left brains open and in harmony with each other. She had permission to move music through her body and channel the energies of audiences through as well. She learned how to hold and channel forces that were greater than her own physical body and soul. Dance and music taught her to merge with life itself. She learned how to understand and flow with the powerful forces of nature and other forms of light and life. She gained her unique perspective and insight this way.
In her teenage years she was given great opportunities to dance in New York City on scholarships to Julliard and was coached by amazing teachers that showed her that power can be transferred and gifted to others. As many of these teachers did for her.
By 17 years old she was professionally dancing in Berlin Germany with the Deutsche Oper Berlin at the time of the Cold War when the walls were still up and a tense standoff existed between west and east.
Here she was, a deeply intuitive young woman, literally standing in the place of two world wars with all the karmic devastation and suffering that lingered in the rocks, bricks, walls, soil, water, and air. The impact was that this place, Berlin, blew open her remaining doors to her deepest knowing and intuition. Past lives, flooded through her being and she could see the dead that were still caught between the worlds in the astral plain.
It was in this place of darkness and devastation that she remembered who she was and what she had come here to do. But the timing was not quite yet and she knew it.
Dance taught her a level of internal discipline and a type of mental control and stability that few things can teach in this world. And through it all, she watched humanity and the patterns that human consciousness wove, thus creating their karmic expression and experiences.
She worked with many great and powerful teachers. But the teachers that most impressed her were the ones that knew that they had an enlightened gift to give the world but they also knew that they too were a human being working through their own karmic journey.
They showed her that you could still give your gifts and continue to work on yourself. You did not need to be totally enlightened to make a huge difference in the world. But what you did need to do was be honest.
Those teachers warned her that the “Achilles Heel” of teachers, gurus, masters, Bodhisattvas, and Yogis were the pitfalls found in the three lower chakras. They taught her to watch out for the signs of a teachers “lack of clarity” in those chakras. Because if a teacher is unclear on any of the three chakras, then the information that they give to anyone on those levels will also be (not only) wrong but harmful.

The Pitfalls of the Gurus are:

Third Chakra – Power

Those that use others for the acquisition of their own power or to maintain their status and ego are not to be trusted. Those that believe that they are always right and not to be questioned are some of the great dangers in this world. Ego will always attempt to use the energy and power of others to maintain a false self. Those that want your power and want you to give up your power and will to them are false gods and not to be trusted. The Buddhist have a phrase, “If you meet a Buddha on your path ….Kill Him!” What this phrase means if that if you meet someone who you believe has more power than you and you give up your power to them, inevitability they will disappoint you and their human self will surface and fail you. Then you must take your power back from that teacher and walk away. Keep the teachings from the teacher that worked for you but let go of that which was their karmic suffering and issues.


Second Chakra – Sex

How many famous gurus and teachers have gotten caught up in a scandal around having sex with their students? The answer is almost all of them. Sexual energy in this chakra is chaotic by nature and something that twists and distorts easily based on desire, need, and acceptance. This chakra is one that many great teachers have failed at. Just because a teacher has a magical power, does not mean that he or she can use it with integrity. Never trust a teacher that wants your energy on a sexual level to make themselves great. In Buddhist teaching, you do not even consider a conversation with a student on a tantric level until they have meditated for over 10 years because of the power of sexual energy pulling the person into places of genetic harm and dysfunction from their generational inheritance.


First Chakra – Money

There have been many amazing and great teachers that told students to give them all their trust funds and money and in exchange they would allow them to live in the ashram with the teacher forever. Then later the teacher would kick them out and leave them with nothing, while that same teacher bought Rolls Royce’s with their manipulated financial gain. Teachers that ask unreasonable amounts of money from students are intentionally manipulating them through fear of loss. One of my teachers learned that people will give you “anything they can afford” to be in the presence of authenticity. That is what a good teacher is, an authentic and open energy field that is recognizable to others and something that they want to learn how to be with and emulate. A balanced teacher will never cause you suffering in such a way that leaves you destitute. Watch for teachers that target the weak minded and tear them down with guilt to get money. Watch also for teachers that target the wealthy, believing that they have so much and so it should be given to them. I have watched huge consequences happen and much taken from those that strip the weak or the wealthy from their money.


I point this out because, in my work, I will always be highly conscious of these three chakras. I believe that the universe protects me from harm and gives me what I need. I have never been without and I cannot be manipulated on these levels. That gives a client a degree of safety that other healers, teachers, and psychics cannot. Most are unaware of their own levels of attachment that are motivated by fear, insecurity, loss, or lack.

My intention is to be as authentically kind and honest in each and every reading. I am not here to tell you what you want to hear. I am here to help you uncover and discover what you have hidden from yourself. When you are ready you will find the teacher that is right for you and for the level of wisdom and truth that are can comprehend at that time. Perhaps that will be me. You will know by a feeling inside and signs that have guided you to me in a moment.

As a teacher and published author of many books; Integral Tarot, Integral Numerology, Becoming Authentic: Lessons in Tantra, Confessions of a Psychic, and The Prophesy of the Morian, I use my many skills to assist you in understanding who you are, where you are in your journey, what you need to work on, and what your goals are in this lifetime.


I look forward to every connection that the universe brings to me as I know they are divinely guided in certain moments of growth and expansion.

I use tools of Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Channeling, Palmistry, meditation, yogic skills, many healing techniques, and breathing practices to help you open to the magnificence that is within your soul attempting to break past the defenses of your ego.


You can always schedule yourself with our online scheduler, just click the menu link at the top of the page. If you would like us to contact you, please leave your email AND phone number so we can call you back.


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