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As the year 2020 becomes the number 4. It is the reminder to cultivate harmony at all costs. And those costs are probably going to be high. I have discovered for myself that when I am in a personal Number 4 year, I often feel out of sorts, out of balance, and out of alignment with the greater flows in life and nature.
That discord is exhausting to navigate and finally you get so frustrated that you decide to stop, cut back, regroup, reprioritize, and take a good, hard, and honest look at what is working and what isn’t. It is that moment when things have to change. You cannot stand to stay in a past pattern another minute. That is when everything shifts and often quite radically.
Sometimes it is precipitated by an event that is that final straw. Or a moment that becomes a line in the sand that you will no longer tolerate. Regardless there is a breaking point and that is necessary to find your way back to balance.

This particular year, I find myself looking at the 2 and the zero that repeat. Then wanting to break them apart. The zeros will magnify the number in front of them. Just as when you do numbers normally, the number 10 is ten times the number one. Therefore, the zeros in 2020 will doubly magnify each of the energies of the number 2’s.
That is quite scary to me.
The number 2 is all about negative mind and critical mind. And that is exactly what we are seeing in the external world. Negativity is magnifying and presently is 10 times larger than ever before. Those that hate are feeding on the fears that are being given out in the media and inflaming the minds (the number 2 again) of those that are intent to see things from a terribly critical point of view.
And this is universal. I am not just speaking about our country. Look anywhere and there is a rising up anger and hatred to those that intend to oppress, lie, manipulate, and push down others.

I believe that this year will be the beginning of a massive breaking point. The likes of which none of us have seen in our lifetime. Be careful and observe with a detached but open awareness of all the things out there that are intentionally trying to polarize humanity more and more. Governments and countries that do that and go too far … will cause an eruption of emotion that they will probably not be able to control.

The number 4 is about the compromise that needs to happen but that clearly is not at this time. The number 2 makes you realize that people of power are going to break the backs of the poor and they have no intention of helping our humanity or this world in any way. So then, what is dangerous is that the people will have nothing left to lose. That is where radical rebellions happens and violence can ensue. Take a look at how your mind is either twisting things and making stresses more stressful or looking with a very clear and discerning eye to the facts that are there for everyone to see. Learn critical thinking but do not be critical of others. Learn to allow others to make their own mistakes and know that you cannot save others from the lessons they need to learn. The mind is supposed to be a slave to the soul not the other way around.

This year seek out truth. Truths are universal. You can never own truth. Truth is bigger than you. It is part of the universal laws that rule this reality.

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