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Poem – How Evil Has Sway

Poem – How Evil Has Sway I looked into the mirror and saw a blue flame. I was surprised to see that part that could not be tamed. I [...]

Astrology for 2/26/2024

Astrology for 2/26/2024 This morning the Moon shifts out of meticulous Virgo and into the balancing act of Libra. We look to what is fair and just. But in [...]


SUZANNE WAGNER’S INTUITIVE PATTERNS FOR MARCH 2024 Aleister Crowley Tarot: Satiety, Worry, Peace Words of Truth: Lovers, Sexuality, Joy, Vibration Mayan Oracle: Etznab, Imix, Unity Medicine Cards: Horse, Moose, [...]

Astrology for 2/25/2024

Astrology for 2/25/2024 The Moon continues its quest to organize our reality and to hone our focus. In life, it is the little things that can trip us up [...]

Poem – Pretense

Poem – Pretense There are days when the glue just doesn’t seem to stick. And things come undone just when life is in the thick. We try to hold [...]

Astrology for 2/24/2024

Astrology for 2/24/2024 I hope we wake up this morning to the wide-eyed wisdom of this Full Moon. Embrace an epiphany and let it help you see the turn [...]

Quote – Reach For The Future

Quote – Reach For the Future Allow things to flow and do not try to remake something from your past. Instead allow in something that desires to be a [...]

Astrology for 2/23/2024

Astrology for 2/23/2024 While the Moon finishes up in Leo, be brave and bold. Enjoy the expansion and the positive energy while it lasts. This evening the tide will [...]

Poem – Home

Suzanne Wagner Poem – Home I saved a life and it was my own. I got lost from the place that I called home. But the wisest part inside [...]

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