Year Numbers

This gives you a perspective of the lessons you will need to address for the year that begins at your birthday to the following birthday. Simply replace the birth year with the present year.

Example: The Birth date is 1-10-56

If the present year is 2022. Remove the year from the date (1956) and replace it with the present year (2022) and add all the numbers together as you would the Destiny Number.
1+ 10+2022=8
This person is in an 8 year.

If you end up with a number such as 26. You add the 2 and the 6 together and you have a 8. So your year is an 8.

Year Number One or Ten

Year of New Beginnings.

There is a radical change with an opportunity to step into power and potential. A ten/one pattern causes many changes and upheavals. The person can; get a divorce, get married, have a new job, quit an old job, buy a house, move, have a great adventure, have a spiritual awakening, start their own business, finally have the business take off, revamp and restructure something, have a baby, or make money in the stock market. Often a 1/10 pattern will have more than one of these things happen all the same year. When someone is in a 1/10 year, it is a good time to be bold, take a risk, and try something new. The momentum is with this time period and it is like surfing a great wave. When the wave appears you have to go for it otherwise you may not get another chance. If done right this year can allow you to feel as if you are “King of the Hill” for a moment. You are on top. You feel called to action and you feel as if you know what to do.

The Lesson of Number 1 or 10: Take a risk, make a change, and begin.

Year Number Two or Eleven

The Two/Eleven Year indicates that life is in the expansion/contraction stage.

With all expansion comes contraction. That is the way of life. In the 10/1 year you started something new and now you have to keep growing and allow expansion beyond the original idea. It is like when a baby chicken pecks at the shell a little and then has to take a break, then it pecks some more, until it eventually is completely out of the shell. The 2/11 year can be quite tiring. Remember to rest when possible and realize that it make take the whole year for the expansion to happen. There is a caution to not let the energy move into the Two year, as that causes criticism and negativity. If you are caught in the two year you will find that nothing seems good enough. Take all that energy that is being wasted in negative thoughts and judgments and lift them up to a place of transformation and acceptance (the eleven). Look at things from a higher perspective and allow a place of overview and clarity to guide your actions. Rather than needing to get what you want, what about just doing what opens love in any situation. Let that be your guiding star for this year.

The Lesson of the Number 2: Expand, contract, allow the process to unfold, remember to pace yourself. Practice compassion on your self when the contraction happens.

Year Number Three

The three year is called, “Devil or Divine”.

There is much happening in a three year. In one minute everything is great and then the next minute everything is terrible. It is like riding a roller coaster. It is time to learn to have a sense of humor about your life and the drama you create in order to feel alive. Enjoy the intensity of this year. Let it be full of screams of laughter and screams of surprises. Let out your inner child to experience the wonder and magic that is what is around each new bend in your life. Be willing to look silly and foolish. Let go of how you think you are supposed to act and appear. Take some calculated risks and remember to have fun in the process.

The Lesson of the Number 3: Roll with the punches. See humor in the drama you create. Reframe negatives to positives.

Year Number Four

The Four Year is called, “Neutral Mind”.

In yogic numerology if you are a baby soul and do not have a lot of past lives to draw upon you tend to experience the world in a more negative state of mind. As you evolve and get more liftetimes to draw upon, you become positive in your outlook of the world. And as you evolve even further you eventually become neutral. This is the year to practice the high vibration of neutrality, balance, and inner peace.

Neutral mind is a high-level game. Gandhi had a gift of neutral mind as did many other gurus and bodhisattvas . This is a year when you are being asked to open to the pandemonium of life and choose equilibrium not frenzy. It is a year to live life from your center.

But the 4 year is also a test. The test is to see how you respond to situations that chaotically move in your direction.

This is a year to be a mediator, counselor, negotiator, and diplomat. Others will think that you have the answers and in many ways you do. However, you may feel personally and internally in chaos. But others will register that you have the answers they seek. It is important to connect and speak when you feel compelled and prompted by the universe, as this is a year of communication.

It is a year when you may want to write something new and different. You may want to find ways to create more balance in your reality. You will be in a year when others will be able to hear your words and will want to practice what you preach. There is power in the skills you have in relation to reaching out and making a difference with words and all for forms of communication.

After all they say verbal communication is only 20%. The other 80% is non-verbal. So this is a year to practice all the skills of communication. Become the master of the concept of neutral mind. Become one with the unfolding space around you. Breathe peace into that space and infuse the world with your wisdom and words.

This is the year of Harmony and Balance. Small wonder after a three year with all of its wild swings, that now it is time to balance life, work better, and be at peace. This is a great year to do yoga, exercise, and make diet changes. Practicing neutral and balanced communication skills with others is the key to making this year flow well. Remember, things do not have to be in balance for you to experience feeling as if you are in the center of a storm. Experience the peace that is this moment. You may find that you are being the negotiator or counselor for everyone around you this year. This is the year to listen to others carefully and pick words and ways of communicating that reflect a calmness, acceptance, and understanding.

The Lesson of the Number 4: Stay neutral and keep communications open. If it does not promote balance, don’t do it.

Year Number Five

The Five Year is about Care of Yourself and Others

It is a year to take care of your body. The number 5 year is to get you to exercise and to pay attention to all things in the physical world. You might want to clean out those closets or work on the garden. Movement, dancing, and all forms of stress relief through the body are also very important to your mental/emotional/physical health. This number teaches that you must learn through the mistakes and the physical lessons that life presents. It is time to become grounded in the reality and that is how you can help others. When you heal yourself first then you can heal others. When you take the steps necessary to take care of yourself first then they have the knowledge to share with others that can make a tangible difference in the world. When this energy is working against its normal flow, you may feel trapped by the circumstances in your life and painful circumstances might keep repeating to get your attention to do something different. Notice where you are resisting and locking down in protective and yet dense ways. You may not be fond of change but it is necessary. This number can teach patience and promote healing and stability.

Lesson of the Number 5: If you do not stay grounded and accepting of the gifts being offered to you, you may lose your sense of self. Take care of your body and enjoy what is out there in the physical world. Go hiking and enjoy the scenery. Leave your phone turned off and connect with nature and others. Eat properly and perhaps lose some weight. Destress through exercise and find the types of movement that give you an experience of freedom. It is time to find stability through passion. Discover those things that make life worth living.

Year Number Six

The Hermit Year.

There is a desire to go into the cave and become a hermit. It is a retreat and regroup phase of life. It is the beginning of an internal soul search that will last for four years. It is time to retreat. This is not the best year for new relationships because you want to go inward and reclaim yourself rather than merge with another. (This is the beginning of an internal soul search that will last for four years. During that time the personality reorganizes itself.) Meditation is good as well as writing in journals and sleeping in on the weekends.

The Lesson of the Number 6: Take some time for your self. Go inward.

Year Number Seven

The Year of Boundaries and Structures.

This is a time to set some new boundaries with others at work and with family. However, whatever has stopped creating this goal is now going to come up again. Personal fears of the new or unknown will have to be faced. There is only choice and no choice. It is important for people to remember to breathe and tell themselves that the fear is not real. This is a year for planning and making decisions that have longer applications. The question to ask yourself is, “Where do I want to be in 3 years? What do I need to begin to plan and do to make that a reality?” Notice what boundaries are within you that do not actually belong to you. What fears and restrictions are from others that are now needing to be re-evaluated and changed? Make some choices for your life and see the miracles that begin to unfold.

The Lesson of the Number 7: Create a plan and follow through no matter what the fears or internal blocks.

Year Number Eight

You are in an “8” year which is a year to remember that: “As is above so must be below.”

From your birthday this year until your birthday next year you are in a “8” vibration or the Year Number Eight.
You are in an “8” year which is a year to remember that: “As is above so must be below.” This means that what ever you dream must become the grounded reality in the physical plane. If you are able to master the infinity symbol of 8, moving the energy down your front, between your legs, up your spine, and flipping it over the top of your head (in the upper circle of the figure 8) then you will manifest money, power, and consciousness. You are attempting to bring heaven to earth and earth to heaven. Be warned that this year can also bring up deep emotions such as grief and loss. So take an honest look at everything and everyone around you and complete and communicate with those you love in an honoring way. Do not leave any emotional issues unfinished or unresolved. Look at your life and those you love with a compassionate heart and forgive anything from the past that no longer serves.
The Eight-year forces introspection of your life and choices. When the 8 year moves perfectly you are able to manifest what you dream into the physical world. Then you are able to take the skills and lessons learned in the physical world and lift yourself and others up.

The Lesson of the Number 8: Work through the emotions that no longer serve. From surrender can come movement and success.

Year Number Nine

This is a year of Completion and Expanding Psychic Skills and Intuition.

This is the year to let go of the old self in order to find an expanding self-perspective. There is completion of the old patterns. The Nine year opens to new possibilities and frees you from the burden of carrying others’ emotional baggage. As sadness is let go in the eight-year, new skills become available in the nine-year. You become more open to the mystical and spiritual aspects in life. This may finalize a divorce, a new love, a new home, or a design of a new home. The Nine year is a good time to find committed relationships that are different from any previously experienced. As you are not choosing your old pattern. You are finally complete with those particular lessons and are willing to stretch into a new way of connecting with others in a deeply, emotionally fulfilling way.

The Lesson of the Number 9: Be open and free for completion. Intuition opens up. Let go of the old you and allow yourself to find the expanding perspective of self.

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