February 20, 2024

Astrology for 2/21/2024

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Astrology for 2/21/2024

Seems these last few days have been a bit hard for many emotionally. We seem to have lost the enthusiasm and spunk that had been keeping us going as we all shift into this Aquarian Age.
Yes, the Moon opposing Mars and Venus is not helping and things can go from gloomy into depressed quickly. It can feel as if we just can’t get on top of what we are feeling in a way that feels constructive.
Perhaps that is not the problem. Perhaps it is to show us some underlying fears about the future and bring in the awareness that what we are trying … is not completely working.
Don’t worry, I have faith in all of you.

I am sure that eventually you will find a path through the brambles. But those scratches seem to cut deeper than anticipated, souring the moods of many that continue to try pushing ahead.
All we can do is try. There are so many new things coming our way that we have to learn to notice where we have passions and move in that direction. We have to learn how to know when to take action but to wait patiently till all signs from the universe are ready to go.
While things are creative, they are also equally intense in very odd ways that turn small things into big feelings of pressure. But we can see that the pressure is not others … as much as it seems to be coming from us.
Let’s try to find ways that allow this to be livelier and fun filled day. Yes, that is a bit of a challenge …I know. But let’s try anyway.
Venus can help us be kinder to ourselves. It allows us to move energies into more positive directions.
Mars prefers a more direct approach and supports us in standing up for ourselves. While some may feel impatient and irritable, we can move this into more powerful interactions that ignite our drive and personal power if done properly.

Good Luck!

~Suzanne Wagner~

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