March 20, 2024

Astrology for 3/21/2024

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Astrology for 3/21/2024

Regardless of the Lunar Eclipse looming shorty, the aspects today have an oddly stabilizing quality.
The Sun and Pluto will sextile giving back some energy that seemed to disappear over the last few days and we appreciate the connections that stick by us through it all. Slowly, our confidence returns, and we notice that our personal ambition begins to rise up once again. We seem dedicated to making improvements and creating beauty. Perfect to attack the garden and begin to make things more colorful.
The current mood is all around making things better. That includes making our world and ourselves better too.
Venus and Saturn align, and it softens the bite of Saturn into a more affectionate nibble.
Remember to be thoughtful of others. Especially those you love. But it is best to hold back on the indulgences for a moment. Finances are not working in your favor if you let things get out of hand. Now is not the time to buy that big ticket item. Best to wait until we are not being so impulsive. Make all choices with a calm, cool, and mature head.
You are going to feel as if you want to test those currently in your intimate circle. Just remember that love should be the basis for all choices and actions. Because of Venus and Saturn’s position, take some time to reinforce feelings of connection and concern. Remember that without others, our life would not be as full.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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