November 4, 2015

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Numerology/Astrology for 11/4/15
November 4th is the number 5. If you read my transits for November 2015 you know that we are building up to something big this month. So here we are with the number 5, which is about grounding and finding stability. But all the astrology is going to make you feel like you are very lost, ungrounded, and wanting to find a place the call your own. But I would not jump quickly. There are many things that are not clear and leaping without looking though exciting and interesting is not advisable right now. That does not mean that huge mistakes will happen this month if you do but I want all of us to keep our head while we try to navigate these intense waters. It will be highly likely that by the end of this month many of you will have to leap before you have absolute clarity on an issue and the emotional waters will propel you through impulse to shift huge patterns. So today before it all starts to really rock and roll, lets get grounded. Do some yoga and at least attempt to find your inner center because the outer world is building towards a huge new place of intensity. We are going to need our center just like a boat in a storm needs ballast. The Moon continues to transit Leo much of the day, until 9:23 PM EST, and forms no major aspects with major points. As such, it’s easier to make what you want of the day without too many distractions, although you may not readily find satisfying ways to express your emotions. This is a time for allowing the inner child to come out to play, as you look for playful ways to express yourself. The Moon enters Virgo at 9:23 PM, and you tend to focus on practical matters, work, and health and wellness. This Moon has a tendency to fret, but can be good for attention to details.
~Suzanne Wagner~
When we are willing to step into the unknown and its inherent insecurity, and not run back to anything for cover or for comfort – when we are willing to stand as if facing an oncoming wind and not wince – we can finally face our actual self.

Can you be like the wind and allow the shifting of the flow to be like a soft knocking on a doorway to your subconscious. This month is all about recognizing that there is no straight line to awakened consciousness. There are many twisted, circuitous routes that show us how to unravel our distortion from the truth. That is what that crazy path you are on is about. You have patterns that have been woven through experience into the core of your being and life has to unwind them for you to find your way back to yourself.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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