December 9, 2016

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Numerology/Astrology for 12/10/16

12/10/16 is the number 4. The number 4 is associated with the Emperor card in Tarot. He is a card of stable justice and the law of the people. The Emperor pulls you back to reclaim the rules of the family. This is something that can be very tricky. The Emperor card steps up and steps into what is the “greater good” for all. That often requires you to undertake difficult or unpleasant tasks. It often forces you to make some form of sacrifice in order to step into a strong awareness. When you do not allow the number 4 to be expressed in your world you will lack convention and conviction. You will have an inability to adapt, you will say and do things that appear to others as unthoughtful, clumsy, lazy, lacking depth, and that have a vacuous quality. It is time to put those principals that you learned into action. It is time to create some order and figure out how to manage this world that you are presently in. It is time to recognize that someone can impose rules but they can never tell you who you are. Mercury’s sextile to Neptune early into the day is creative and imaginative but may be overshadowed by the Sun’s alignment with Saturn this morning, which asks you to get serious about your life, who you are, and what this life is going to be defined by. This is a time when we are called upon to “get real.” Are you going to live a life of fear or action? Are you going to be a sheep or a wolf? Are you going to allow others to define you or are you going to seek to know who you really are? The world can never tell you who you really are. You have to discover that on your own. Your life choices and circumstances will help to define that for you but it is up to you to find the purpose and meaning for this life. You feel the constraints of time and are motivated by the desire to manifest tangible results quickly. But know that all steps will have a much longer time sequence than you might want. It’s time to put your “nose to the grindstone”. Expect to feel overworked. So now it will become clear that you need some discipline into your life. Avoid launching new projects, particularly financial ones. Instead, work on a new plan for creating order in your life, or on an old project that requires a new commitment. Emotional energy is not enough to fuel you right now, thus you could feel exhausted on a physical/emotional level. However, making new commitments to old goals, shouldering responsibilities, and making careful use of your resources could feed your need for structure and order in your life. The Moon transits Aries until 7:42 AM EST when it moves into Taurus. A Venus-Saturn semi-square occurs this evening and points to some coolness, reserve, or guardedness in your interactions.
~Suzanne Wagner~



When you are not made up of pretense, broken promises, and fake beauty…. That is what people want to believe and accept. When you are real, honest, vulnerable, and authentic.… that is what others despise. That is because people cannot see outside what they cannot see inside. Most people live inside a perfectly created mask of acceptance. They have had it on for so long that they have forgotten the truth of who they are.

~Suzanne Wagner~



If you were a child and in your home there were good rules within the family but those rules were sort of shallow and without substance and then the actions of your parents were very different from those “seemingly good” rules, what would you emulate?

You emulate what you see in action from your family.

I remember the moment when I noticed that the words of someone and their actions were radically different. It was probably good that it happened to me at a very young age. I was raised Catholic in Parochial School and I remember reading the Bible’s words and versus and then seeing that in actuality people rarely abided by those amazing words of compassion, acceptance, and love.

It was in that moment that I realized that I could believe someone’s words or their actions as a reflection of who they were. I found those that touted the words again and again often in application and actions did not embody those words. They often used those words as a way to have a shield of righteousness and a way to feel good about themselves. It was like, if they have the words habituated in their brain then they could delude themselves with those words but still do actions that were often cruel and contrary to those beautiful words.

We are in a world that if you did not learn that lesson of the difference between words and actions then you are vulnerable to that continued self-delusion. That will make your world one of disappointment and misplaced trust.

You have to learn that what someone presents is rarely what or who they are. Only someone’s actions and history can tell you the truth of the patterns and trends that impact this person and reveal the deeper self of that person. I know that we do not want to look at the dysfunction of others because we do not have to see the dysfunction in ourself. But that is what growing up and becoming a mature person that can function in the “real” world is all about. It is time to grow up.

It is time to see beyond the illusion that you project out into the world. It is time to see past your words that cloak and hide your deeper and sometimes darker self.

Right now there is an interesting phenomenon. There are good and kind people that have become repetitive machines of others’ dysfunctional and dangerous words and lies. They have unwittingly bought into those words because they either have displaced trust in that person or system. These are good people who do good things but in accepting toxic and dangerous ideas they become an unwilling participant in a system of dysfunction. These are often people who never completely learned to think for themselves or to objectively question. At this time, all ideas need to be questioned. All ideas of others must be suspect.

You have to drop into your deepest self and discover what is your capacity for holding love and truth. It is a great shield to hold another’s weapons of cultural destruction. People smarter than you have carefully cultivated those weapons and that is why they impress you.

But you have to discover your own tools and truths. It is time to do the work necessary and uproot the denigrating molds of dysfunction that you hold inside your mind.

It is time to eliminate the toxic beliefs that are actually contrary to your actions in the world. But no one can do them for you. You will have to do the work and that often means separating from people that you believed you could trust but now you recognize that you have been dysfunctionally dependent upon their approval and now you recognize that you have to stand on your own two feet.

Yes, you will be alone.

Yes, it will be scary.

And yes, you will find your strength and the place where you believe in yourself again.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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