December 30, 2015

Numerology/Astrology for 12/31/15 – Plus More Insight in the Patterns of 2016

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Numerology/Astrology for 12/31/15
December 31st is the number 6. The number 6 takes us once again on an inward journey just before the New Year. There is a mystery to this new place where 2016 wants to take each of you. It is up to each of us to be willing to open and swan dive into the fullness that will be a year of completion. You may not know what you need to complete or let go of. You may not know where this next year is leading you but what you know for certain is that it is important to take this moment to be in gratitude for coming out of the “dark night of the soul” of the 2015 (number 8) and to finally be coming out of the darkness into the light. All of us are all in the journey of awakening and learning to return to the purest essence within and to let that out into the world. Yes, 2015 broke us down and tore down the walls of our ego and our old beliefs. Yes, you are feeling vulnerable and unsure as you embark on a journey that you cannot see the end result of at this time. But this is a good thing to be stripped from all veils of illusion so that pretense, illusions, and false selves no longer distract you. Venus, newly in the sign of Sagittarius, forms a sesquiquadrate aspect with Uranus, stimulating unusual attractions (to people and things) that might prompt you to act on a whim. You may deal with freedom versus closeness issues in your relationships. Relationships or finances can be unpredictable. Changes now can create fresh opportunities, however, that can add to your sense of joy and freedom. The Moon is in Virgo all day, turning your attention to practical concerns nevertheless. This is a good time to see what needs fixing, and perhaps to find your joy in service and support as the Moon aligns with Jupiter shortly before noon. The parts of your charts where Virgo resides can be expanded and enjoyed more fully with Jupiter here until October 2016. Get ready for the New Year with a more expanded version of your potential, your energy, your hope, and your love. Open up and let life fully take you for a ride in 2016. Discover what happens when you are not in control of this reality. Discover that magic still exists and that something beyond your minds understanding has a greater wisdom for who you are becoming.
~Suzanne Wagner~



Why are we afraid of silence? That is because when you let all the distractions go you come face to face with your own inner self that has been trying to get you to pay attention to something that is usually not aligned with your essential essence. In the silence you will recognize that you will have to change and change can be hard. In the silence you have to face your own distortion and that can make you feel bad about yourself. In the silence you have to face the realization of those you have hurt in your desire to be right and listen to your ego. Be in the silence…and let the truth in to create peace in your soul, to let healing begin, and to let the awakening of you’re potential to take precedence over this life’s distractions.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Be aware that 2016 is going to have moments when things will seem to move at a very slow pace. It is in these moments that the universe is asking you to look and I mean really look and pay attention to the small moments that are activating in your life at all times that make up these seemingly big shifts of awakening. Recognize that 2016 (even through it is a completion year), is not going to be easy. Completion for any of us can be very difficult. Take each moment as it comes up and just choose to deal with each small piece at a time. This is the only way to work through the huge pile of patterns that are going to require your attention. Recognize that for the first 6 months there is going to be a continuation of upheaval, which can spill over into violence. So recognize how on edge people are and do your best to not push them over the cliffs, as it may not take much. Taking responsibility for your own experience and knowing how your body language and tone will either support a calm reality or put fuel on a fire is essential to how you are co-creating a supportive environment or one that explodes into a storm of words and agendas. We are in a major changing of the guard. The old guard and the old patterns of life no longer apply to this changing reality in which we are finding ourselves. Therefore, recognize that the fires of social justice are gaining strength and momentum to force those in power who have selfish needs to loose ground rather than gain ground. But remember that those with money and power will not go quietly into the abyss of change that is happening as we move towards the 2020’s. Make a note that in March and again the end of June there will be a Jupiter/Pluto Trine, which is a positive aspect but it can also put those who want power into a place of unstoppable drive for power at all costs. So I expect the election stuff to get very nasty there. Notice the candidates who support the development of their leadership potential as well as addressing issues around spiritual balance and well-being. Right now until the 9th of January we have a Mercury/Mars square, which will magnify anxiety and inner stress. To get through this moment see that uncertainty is the place you need to sit with and just allow the feeling of “not knowing” to be still in your awareness for a moment. Realize that Mercury is going retrograde January 5-25, 2016 so back up your computers and gadgets now. Jupiter is also going retrograde on January 7-May 9th and even though it is not as bad as it sounds, it will reconnect you to look backwards and behind in your life to see what or who you may need to reconnect with.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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