March 27, 2017

Numerology/Astrology for 3/28/17 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 3/28/17

3/28/17 is the number 5. This number asks you to shake off the winter blues and put some “spring” back into your step. Dust off the colorful clothes and bring some fresh flowers into the house. It is time to become one with the expanding forces of growth, procreation, and beauty. Earth is a fabulous place to be in the spring. Let yourself enjoy all that surrounds you and feel into the drive to be alive. Let it give you the energy you need and rekindle your passion for life.
The fire element is very strong now (Aries, Sagittarius), and that means passion and creativity. There is a heavy emphasis on action. Know that you may not have the energy to sit quietly today. It’s time to shake off the winter and move your body. Spring has sprung and it is time to awaken with the rest of the world. The only real caution is that excessive fire energy tends to get caught up in shiny baubles, and that can lead to a string of half-finished projects. It is time to explore new opportunities and have the courage to try out new activities and meet new people. Ambitious Mars is now moving towards alignment with dwarf planet Ceres. She was the goddess who was a healer and brought the harvest to market. Use this time in the next month to put energy into new business projects or activities that produce tangible results. Since this combination is also making harmony to transforming Pluto, it is important to quietly stand in your power and not play second fiddle to anyone. The Moon is in Aries all day, and you are forthright and direct. You are forward-looking, impulsive, and direct under the influence of an Aries Moon. As the Moon stimulates a Jupiter-Pluto square this evening, you may be confrontational. Do your best to stay calm. The desire to break away from the ordinary or humdrum is large, but you may not know which direction to take, and this can stir restlessness or tension. While you can be pioneering now, you should look out for the tendency to take on too much at once.

~Suzanne Wagner~



The more hurt you become
the more toxic the energy is in your body.
The more you deny something
the more stagnant your body becomes.
The more fear you are holding
the more congested and constipated your energy is.
Your body is there to show you what you are in denial of.
Your body becomes the container that holds all the things
that you are unwilling to look at,
deal with, open to, feel into, accept, and love.
And this is why we become sick.
The body is your warning system
to let you know that something
and some way you are handling energy
is no longer appropriate and must be let go.

~ Suzanne Wagner~


Anger and rage come from not knowing how to translate large quantities of life force energy through the body in a functional way. When you feel constricted, oppressed, or someone forces their energy upon you and overrides your boundaries it is nature to feel anger. But when anger is suppressed for long periods of time it turns into the darker and more dangerous qualities of rage. Denial and avoidance comes from not knowing how to translate fear through the body. Not wanting to deal with the truth of your reality in each and every moment is a form of fear of the real world and a choice to want to live in your fantasy rather than the hard truth. We live in a world where so many of us have not been taught functional ways to work with intense physical energy constructively. Today, take a look at some of the meditation techniques and other tools for healing and shifting energy in the body. Only by learning that energy is energy and that all energy can be cleared and cleansed to become more functional can you learn to step beyond the knee jerk reactive qualities of the primal brain. You have a higher functioning brain for a reason. Perhaps it is time to use it in a more constructive way.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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