April 10, 2015

Numerology/Astrology for 4/11/15 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 4/11/15

Today we are in the number 5 so there is a whole lot of healing going on at the moment. This number of earth and grounding is counseling you to stay present with all this excitable and curious Venus in Gemini. Fortunately, the Moon in Capricorn is so practical and grounded it will help stabilize this energy. You have to pay attention to your body and recognize that some of the things you have been doing to take care of yourself might need a few modifications and changes. The number 5 is naturally sexy with all the passion and desire for non-attachment that it brings but remember that for great sex there have to be two people being fully present with each other. This is a day to learn from direct experience so be adventurous but stay safe and grounded in the process. You are in a day where you will feel very resourceful and magnetic. Venus enters Gemini, and will transit the sign until May 7th. With Venus in Gemini, you may feel like you want it all. Romantically and socially you are curious and open. After all, “Variety is the spice of life” and this is the attitude now. You are sociable, communicative, and curious. You may be animated and fun in your interactions with others but may also keep your distance on an emotional level. Attractions now may begin with words, as the bond happens more readily on a mental level during this cycle. Just be aware that the shadow side of Gemini is fickleness so notice if you are attracted one minute and turned off the next. Mercury semi-squares Neptune today, and this can serve to muddle facts. Venus in difficult aspect to Pluto can stimulate fears that lead to underlying tension in your interactions. The Last Quarter Moon is exact tonight, when the Sun squares the Moon. The Last Quarter Moon phase points to some sort of crisis of consciousness. After basking in the awareness symbolized by the full light of the Moon at the time of last week’s Full Moon, you may disperse your knowledge at this time and come to a point when you need to sort out what works for you and what doesn’t–in preparation for next week’s New Moon, when something new is born once again. This is not the best time to start a major project, as the decreasing light of the Moon symbolizes a descent into unconsciousness. It’s time to begin finishing up details of those projects already in motion.

~Suzanne Wagner~


“Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace.”



Monitoring the words that escape your mouth is important in the game of karma. I have learned that even when there is some karma created by thinking negative thoughts you have much more karma created if it escapes your mouth. That is why being aware and staying conscious of not spewing your own emotional trigger on others is especially important. The big challenge comes when you have to tell someone the truth and you know that this perception will potentially hurt another. That is always the hardest because your truth is your perception. It is possible that you will not be right. So what you check next is to see if the person is terribly attached to a particular outcome and see if that attachment is healthy or unhealthy. You can feel the difference. One feels like they are grounded in a reality and the other feels like they are in a fantasy bond, wanting something, needing something, needing validation for what they desire but that hooking energy is usually a clear indication that a particular fantasy is just that a fantasy. In that moment it is a tough choice as to what to do, let them have the fantasy and know that the longer it goes the more pain they are going to feel. Or nip the fantasy in the bud and deal with the reactive mind of the ego as it is shocked to not have it’s fantasy validated. Both are tough decisions. In that moment you have to choose your words carefully but remember that when someone tells you the truth, it may be painful to you hearing it but it is also very hard for the person giving it. If someone really loves you they do not want to hurt you. But what is even more important is that they do not want you to do something in a continuous fashion in which you hurt yourself with an illusion.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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