June 12, 2017

Numerology/Astrology for 6/13/17 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 6/13/17

6/13/17 is the number 2/20. The last week or so has caught up to you and you might be feeling a deep exhaustion and tiredness. But compliment yourself on a job well done and your personal level of commitment to seeing things through to the finish line. That is worth a lot in this moment. After all, it is not a good test of character when things are going smoothly, but it is a good test of character when you are exhausted and overwhelmed on many levels. Figuring out how to follow through regardless of circumstances is an energy that passes down through your DNA from one generation to the next. There are many moments when I think I can’t go on and I feel my Great Grandmother who was an Oklahoma Sooner whose husband had died in a coupling accident on the railroads and she somehow managed to find the strength and fortitude to save up money and get her children, a covered wagon, horses and an ox and launch across the land to claim a spot right along the railroad where a town was to be built. She built her how home and turned it into a boarding house for the trainmen. She is my hero and I feel her strength and fortitude in my blood. Today, what can you do that will change the DNA of generations of yours into the future? Make a memory, overcome a challenge and give that memory to your future generations.
Tuesday is a mental day with the morning giving you brilliant ideas and the ability to “sell them” to someone. Tuesday evening has more of that mental burnout feeling, so earlier Tuesday is best for communicating with people. The Aquarius moon on Tuesday and Wednesday does support reaching out to people but active Mercury suggests you keep it quick, like meeting for lunch or a cup of tea. In the early AM, Mercury forms a minor challenging aspect to Uranus, and this will compel you to shake up the routine, and make your world more mentally excitable. Mercury forms a trine to Jupiter this morning towards midday, and then a square to Neptune tonight. Try thinking up interesting ways to help others, and try to figure out how you can benefit from partnering up to arrive at interesting decisions or new ideas. Your listening and speaking skills are excellent now. You should certainly watch for a tendency to be misled by wishful thinking or to invest in speculative ventures. However, it’s a superb time for stretching your mind to entertain new possibilities and to see opportunities where you may have missed them in the past. You want to attach yourself to meaningful projects now. Your outlook is particularly hopeful and positive, and you readily cooperate with others. The Aquarius Moon hooks into the trine between Mercury and Jupiter, pointing to an emotional investment in your ideas and interactions. You might receive good news or offers now. As much as you would like to come to definite conclusions, answers might elude you. While the Mercury-Jupiter influence seeks out truths, the Mercury-Neptune square can attempt to make you choose to avoid them.
~Suzanne Wagner~
If you do what is right
in your heart it cannot
turn out to be wrong
for someone else.


When you are conscious,
you will not do anything
that intentionally harms others.
When you are conscious,
you will not see problems,
but challenges designed
to help that soul overcome something.
When you are conscious,
you will know your place,
your voice, your message,
your purpose, and your intention.
When you are conscious,
life will become one constant miracle
rather than one constant problem.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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