March 14, 2024

Blog – Hazel Eyes Turning Green

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Blog – Hazel Eyes Turning Green


Ever since I was a child, I have always had hazel eyes. They had a greenish/blue tone with gold flecks in them. If I wore green … they appeared more green. If I wore blue … they appeared more blue. And if I wore golden or autumn colors … the gold flecks stood out more.
Even my birth certificate says, Eyes: hazel.
So does my driver license.
But since I did my food sensitivity test in December and got the results January 6th and I started this diet where I took out all the things that my body was not handling, something odd is happening. My eyes have lost their gold flecks and have become green. Really green!
It is odd to look in the mirror and see different eyes.
I remember a friend of mine that decided to go to Hawaii for 2 months and do a juice fast while she was there. When she returned her brown eyes had turned blue. It was shocking to see.
From that point on I wondered if there are some people that can have their eye color alter when toxins are filtered out of their body.
In the Chinese medicine systems … looking at the eyes and the tongue are important to diagnose illnesses. I also wondered if eye color could change with the aging process.
My mother has brown eyes but as she is now 87 years old, she seems to have a blue ring around the outside of her eyes. While it is not all the way around you can see it on the lower parts of her pupils.
When I was in my 20’s I did a Vega Machine that tested your acupuncture points on your hands and feet and put substances on a plate to determine if you were allergic to certain foods. Ironically, the current test mimics the old test quite a bit. Especially the high allergy items such as dairy, eggs, and gluten.
Even in my 20s I recognized that my terrible ear infections, constant sinusitis, and bronchitis throughout my childhood … where they gave me enormous doses of antibiotics … might have been handled differently if I had known about the three allergens above.
In my twenties, I had become vegan for 3 years and was vegetarian for 10 years. Then one day I wanted a steak and it seemed that my body had recovered from the intense stress of ballet, and I had shifted into massage therapy and then being a professional psychic.
Slowly, I kept adding in those foods that my body does not like until this recent realization that I needed (once again) a Food Sensitivity Test.
As taking those foods out has again become the new healthier habit, I have noticed the eye color change.
Perhaps I did not notice the shift when I was younger. It might have happened there too. I may never know.
But it is interesting now. A friend of mine pointed it out because she was making suggestions on makeup for my eyes, and she has light green eyes. Mine now appear a darker green and I did not realize it until she said something because she said, “You have green eyes and to accent them you need the burnt orange or the purple eyeshadows to highlight them.
Stunned, I looked into her mirror, and they did appear green.
I am still getting used to that thought. I do believe that the diet had something to do with it. Perhaps, I am letting go of toxins in my body and that is allowing some healing and shifts that go deeper than I know.
What is clear is that I feel better on this strict diet. While it is hard, and I mean really hard! I am not coughing anymore; my breathing is better, and I am feeling less tired. Whatever my body was struggling with seems to have lessened. The diet is giving my body a chance to find a new equilibrium.
It does make me smile because my whole life my mother has told me how much I look like my two Irish great-grandmothers on both sides of my family. They were both almost 6 feet tall (I am 5 ft 10 in) with auburn hair and green eyes.
Perhaps my Irish side is coming out more as I age.
While my hair is getting some grey in it, my whole life when I got into the sun people would remark in a surprised way, how auburn my hair was.
As a dancer, I always had it up and so it seemed mostly a lighter brown. But there was that reddish undertone from my great-grandmothers that showed up in the sunlight. And now, my eyes have decided to reflect my ancestry at a new level.
I just thought I would share because it was interestingly weird.
I am curious if others have had similar experiences from health shifts or dietary changes.
Anyway, thanks for listening.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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