January 20, 2024

Blog – Heading into the Lands of Lord of the Rings       

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Blog – Heading into the Lands of Lord of the Rings       


Okay, I could not help myself. I have signed up for a day adventure to go see the film locations around Queenstown that did the Movies, Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit.
Yes, I am a huge fan of these books and movies. Though the movies are different in ways that were not in the books. And yes, you are listening to a person who read the books probably 30 times. Don’t ask how many times, I have watched the movies.
But I am totally excited. I bought a book here called, “The Hobbit, Location Guidebook and then realized that while Hobbiton is on the North Island of New Zealand, many things were filmed here outside of Queenstown.
By the way, I might just stay on this island forever.
Okay, only joking, but just slightly. There is nothing to dislike about New Zealand. It is ridiculously safe, and the people are not in a rush and so very friendly. The pace of this country is so very different than America (especially currently) and so much healthier!
While my lifestyle has drastically slowed down since 2010 and my moving to Northern California, let’s just say, the Kiwis have a totally different and much saner pace than I ever thought might be possible.
There is no problem lounging for long times at a table at dinner. There is never anyone trying to push you out. There is not the mindset of money, Money, MONEY!
And no one really cares what you have or don’t have.
While I love Queenstown, it is a big city compared to other towns I have been through, and it is situated to cater more to tourists, but again, at a very New Zealand pace.
But my favorite town so far has been Wanaka. A picturesque city on a gorgeous lake with magnificent mountains in the background. This is a livable city. Quiet, smaller, and it has just enough stuff to do without the extra pressures of too many tourists. While it is a tourist destination, it seems to be more a local getaway rather than a hub for all the foreigners.
There are moments when I wonder what it would be like to have unlimited money so I could live in northern California half the year and then New Zealand for the other half the year. What I do know is that I would probably live longer!
But what I have in California is a dream come true as well, and I marvel at my good fortune and the good merits that I must have from other lifetimes that have given me this moment at this late stage in life.
What I feel being in both those places is that I am deeply blessed and because of that I am incredibly grateful for my life and my circumstances.
Today, embrace your own good fortune and see the incredible gifts that this life has also offered you. What I know is that being deeply and sincerely grateful, will only bring more goodness your way.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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