Unfortunately, no psychic is 100% accurate all the time. When tested, Suzanne Wagner has been approximately 90-100% accurate.

Each person is responsible for how they interpret their reading. The more open the person is energetically, the more accurate the information will be.

If a piece of information does not feel accurate, it may be in opposition to an individual’s belief system; it may also be something they are not quite ready to hear and emotionally take ownership of (they may not want it to be true); or it may not be perfectly accurate for the person in that moment.

Suzanne loves to open people to the reality that many are unsure is real. As the client learns to open to the metaphorical information given, it will make more sense to the client. Many times the information only makes sense after the event has happened. Our individual views of how we think things will come about will often look different later on but will validate the information given during the reading.

The key is to be open to all the possibilities in life. Readings are to help the person have a heads up on what is coming into their reality. This often takes on the form of a personal exploration into your life from childhood to the present, as the past has a great influence in how we respond to our future.

Suzanne also reserves the right to refuse to work with any particular client that she does not feel she aligns with or cannot energetically connect to in a healthy, conscious, and constructive manner.

Cancellation Policy – Our Mindbody Scheduling System

Suzanne is using a new system called Mindbodyonline.com. This will allow you to see all the options available to you and it will alleviate scheduling errors and changes. With Mindbody, you will receive a 24-hour email notification and reminder of your appointment time through email.

With this system there is a 24-hour cancellation policy online for all appointments. You will be allowed to cancel 24 hours in advance with a full refund. After that please note that you will be charged for your appointment.

If you are scheduling a phone consultation, please be aware that the times are for Pacific Time. She does Zoom calls and phone consultations. Please let her know if you want a Zoom invite as it is a separate email for that invite. She often runs out of high-speed internet by the end of the month and will not be able to do Zoom. She hopes for unlimited high-speed internet once it becomes available in her area.

Remember, you will have to adjust the time based on where you are located and what time zone you are in.


You can always schedule yourself with our online scheduler, just click the menu link at the top of the page. If you would like us to contact you, please leave your email AND phone number so we can call you back.


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