January 3, 2023


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Osho Zen Tarot: Schizophrenia, Guilt, Exhaustion

Medicine Cards: Blank Shield, Spider

Mayan Oracle: Cimi, Realm Shift, Rhythm

Ancient Egyptian Tarot: King of Wands, The Chariot, Six of Cups

Aleister Crowley Deck: Queen of Wands, Prince of Disks, Science

Healing Earth Tarot: World, Grandfather of Crystals, Woman of Rainbows

Words of Truth: Sexuality, Purity, Health.



The doors are opening, and we need to allow the creative expression of the Spider to allow each of us to weave a new web for our life.

While the storms of our world have ripped those old webs to pieces, and we may be feeling as if we have parts of ourselves flailing in the winds of change, the truth is that we have outgrown the old boundaries and structures that this web represented.
We are not what we were. We are more awake, and we cannot ignore things that before we could pass over and forget.
The world has gotten loud.
Feelings are on the surface and can no longer be silenced.

Yes, many feel torn, divided, and exhausted by the tremendous effort over the past six years. But that rubber band that was stretched to its limit is about to snap back with a force unprecedented for millennia.

Some may feel as if they broke under the forces of opposition and hate.
But even with breaking the old paradigm, something new is coming.
Breaking allows us to become that blank slate upon which new ideas form and creation is reconstructed into a better manifestation that represents the greater whole rather than just a few, wealthy, select, and powerful few.
The force of illusions breaking sounds like a scream coming from the distance. It gets louder until we recognize that the sound is coming from deep within.
The rage of being ignored and minimized by those in power has become a shout from the masses demanding a much bigger change than anyone expected.

Knowledge is power, but those that prefer to keep the masses hypnotized, stupid, and in fear should become aware that their games of monopoly with our lives are coming to an end.

We have been through a rude death of our innocence. Our gullibility has been shattered by the lies choking our society. The choice is clear; we must find a way to unite and allow the people’s dreams to become actualized in new forms.

This month we feel as if we have our hands in a new world and our feet in the old world.
What is clear … is that the old has failed us miserably and intended to break our spirit and fragment our hope. What is clear is that the new has been too idealized, and there are too many that are not ready for such a drastic leap as they hold too much need to be right and continue to grasp at the old crutches that do not give what they have promised.
Some cannot see that they are being hooked like many fish on a line and the powerful have only the agenda to pull those innocent souls onto their ship and destroy their freedoms, even if it costs their very lives.

Because some groups hold so much fear, there are now many seeking another path. The extremes will only continue to fester the conflict that is causing so much suffering.
The answer is love. Real love. Love that is inclusive and attempts to understand and offer what is needed by others and seeks to find what can be done to open back up … trust and hope.

We attempt this month to fall back in love with each other. We have to move past the hateful and hurtful rhetoric and towards learning to feel into what opens us back up to really being and caring for each other. We must do this for ourselves and our sanity. But mostly … we need to do it to save this beautiful world.

Celebrate the love inside and find ways to share the purity of that essence with as many as you can. Feel into the patterns, song, and rhythm that is peace and make a conscious choice to follow that. That type of energy opens us to create insights that can be the solutions this world so desperately needs.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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