March 18, 2024

Poem – And Irish Woman

About the Author: Suzanne Wagner
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An Irish Woman     

I am an Irish woman, brave and bold.
When I am happy my eyes turn from green to gold.
I listen with more than just my two ears.
With one deep look I can remove your fears.

I am from the lands of Druids and fairies.
I speak with words that taste like cherries.
My mind is a limerick that dances off my tongue.
A horror to me … is a feeling left unsung.

I dance on the landscapes of large stones and runes.
I am a witch that carves ancient magic in spoons.
I hear the music of times gone by.
I look like an angel … but I am not shy.

My strength resides in my auburn hair.
A warning to come close … if you dare.
My anger is a fury that will take you by storm.
My love is a force that will refuse to conform.

My devotion is the passion that lives in stories of old.
My temper is quick and cannot be controlled.
I am made from the land that sits in icy seas.
And my heart is a deep green just like the trees.

I walk with pride … straight and tall.
I am not afraid of a crown or a brawl.
Because in my soul, I am Irish through and through.
Unwilling to whine about things or just make do.

My life I have made with my own hands.
I am sculped from the stones that make up these lands.
I am made of water, earth, and skies.
I see through those that pretend and spread lies.

I am just as wild as my wind-swept land.
Only nature has more power at its command.
That is why the Goddesses blessed Ireland you see.
Because the land and the people are one with the sea.

Many have tried to conquer but none can break this mold.
I am an Irish woman. Built to be brave and bold.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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