Pricing For A Reading With Suzanne

New Client Discount for one hour is $150 instead of $180. You save $30.

One Hour Session $180

Half Hour Session $90

One and a Half Hour Session (90 minutes) $240.

Suzanne works on the hour or half-hour. Each reading will be approximately the time that you have scheduled. It can happen that your hour reading will be 55 minutes rather than the full 60 minutes as she may need to get particulars to email your mp3 file and get credit card information. As she works back to back there are also a few minutes needed for transition time.

Please be advised that you will be charged for the amount of time that you have scheduled with Suzanne regardless of if you have used that full amount of time or not. So plan accordingly.

Suzanne recommends that for the first reading that you book 55 minutes. After this, you will understand how Suzanne works and you can estimate whether you need a shorter or longer period of time in the future.

Suzanne now has her entire schedule online for you to make your own appointments and pay in advance. Note that when you make an appointment through our online scheduler there are discounts for new clients and discounts for packages and combination appointments, such as readings and a massage. Check it out.

This is a new system called This will allow you to see all the options available to you and it will alleviate scheduling errors and changes. You will also receive a 24-hour email notification and a reminder of your appointment time.

With this new system, there is a 24-hour cancellation policy for appointments. You will be allowed to change or cancel your appointment 24-hours in advance with a full refund. After that, you will be charged for your appointment.

Workshops can also be scheduled online and paid for in advance. To reserve your space in a class you will be required to pay at the time of registration. Workshops can be canceled 3 days in advance for a full refund.

Be aware that all our appointments are made in Pacific Time as Suzanne is in California. So if you are scheduling a phone consultation be aware that there might be a difference in time-based on where you are located and what time zone you are in.

Phone Consultations

Suzanne is very adaptable at reading clients over the phone. During a phone consultation, she will focus on Numerology and use cards to layout the patterns that are happening in your life. She cannot do the palmistry over the phone even if you send her a picture of your hand, as the subtle lines and coloration of the hand fade in images and are lost in the translation.

Remember to call on time as Suzanne is usually very prompt.

Realize that there are many complications that can happen with phone lines. It is preferred that you call from a quiet place for your reading with Suzanne. She prefers that you call from a landline rather than a cell phone as cell phones can be in areas where reception is difficult and the line can get dropped by the provider.

Issue of a Quick Question

Please be aware that because of Suzanne’s extremely busy schedule, as she works in two states and four different cities, it is not possible to call just to ask a quick question. It is our experience that there is no such thing as a quick question. Often the situations are much more complex on a psychic level than you may realize. It is also extremely difficult to hone in a problem with someone new as Suzanne needs to understand how you move energetically and then forward pace that pattern into the future.

So please be advised that quick questions will be a minimum of 15 minutes of time scheduled and a $40.00 cost for that time.

Suzanne does not answer e-mail questions. It is better to schedule a time so the issues can be discussed in depth.

E-mail is time-consuming and Suzanne cannot connect psychically as easily through this medium.

Suzanne’s specialty is people, not animals. It is possible for Suzanne to get information about animals but it is not her specialty. Please look for a pet psychic if you have lost your animal or have concerns about a pet.

All clients need to be responsible for estimating how much time they would like for their reading. How much time you schedule is what you will be charged.

All phone consultations need to be paid in advance, either with a credit card, Pay Pal or Venmo before the appointment.

Suzanne’s office accepts most credit cards for payment.


You can always schedule yourself with our online scheduler, just click the menu link at the top of the page. If you would like us to contact you, please leave your email AND phone number so we can call you back.


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