May 24, 2023

Poem – A Blaming Finger is as Powerful as a Gun

Poem – A Blaming Finger is as Powerful as a Gun

In a world where blame runs wild,

And fingers point, as accusations become compiled,

Let us pause and take a different stance,

For blaming won’t lead us to awaken or to advance.


The pointing finger, like a loaded gun,

Is a ready weapon, willing to fire and stun,

But in truth, it holds no lasting power,

Real change will not last if you make others cower.


So, let’s put that finger in our pocket,

Resist the urge to blame, and instead to lock it,

For this is not the week to accuse,

It is an action that will only confuse.


Pluto dances opposing Mars and Moon,

Tempting us to seek answers and throw the runes,

But do not let this impulsive game,

Become something that desires only to enflame.


Instead, let’s learn that Pluto’s plight,

Tries to show us our power with wisdom and insight,

It is time to take responsibility for our own perception,

And create a better world without deception.


Blame won’t change hearts or minds at all,

It only fuels resentment’s that end in a brawl,

Never feed the shame that lies within,

Nor take the emotions of others for a spin.


It’s up to each of us, without delay,

To love others rather than use them as prey.

When we choose to understand with empathy, and grace,

The heat and harm of blame will vanish, without a trace.


It’s time to rise above the blame and shame,

And seek the path where heart’s desire to reclaim,

When minds are open, and ready to unite,

That is where souls become shining and bright.


For in the end, it’s not about pointing blame,

But about building a world where we all can claim,

Some responsibility for the choices we make,

And create a future for all that is truly awake.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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