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Quote for the Day:

When all is said and done
and this life is complete,
Will this moment be the
defining one for your existence?
What will you carry forward
into another time and place?
You carry forward those moments
that you were pure love,
honesty and compassion.
Those moments where joy exploded
out of you and you touched the hearts
of so many that their soul
was forever changed.
You will take with you those
moments that inspired others and
that catalyzed change and wonder.
You will remember that you
are not limited by this reality,
but that your existence in it
enhances and expands this reality
into something unique and new.
You are having an experience
of being a creator …. Creating.
This is a precious moment
if you allow it to be one.
You have a precious gift to give
if you have the courage to step
beyond what you see and believe.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Numerology/Astrology for 8/12/20


8/12/20 is the number 6.
If you add the 8 + 1 + + 2 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 15.
1 + 5 = 6.
It is time to stop and regroup. The number 6 is about introspection, spiritual journeys, and the process necessary to move you towards clarity. Clarity is never discovered externally. While the external can propel you into a contemplative and reflective place, the journey to clarity is a personal one that requires you to love yourself enough to stop the habitual patterns of striving that the mind tells you are necessary and instead move into stillness and allow for something greater than your personal identity to give you information.
First of all, most humans are walking around as “ghosts”. What I mean by that is that they are not fully in their body. They are half in and half out. Some are more out then in. You can tell because they seem gapped, unfocused, un-present, and unable to track what others are saying or unable to track truth as it is presented.
Most humans are living in this dystopian duality.
Great teachers and gurus are more present in their body. You can feel it. They are more in than out. They are more fully aware of all things happening around them. Their energy field is expanded beyond their body so they feel and notice more.
There is a calmness around them which is from the peace they exude from their own acceptance of themselves and their life’s journey. They are not in avoidance of who or what they are. They own and accept all parts of themselves. They are aligned with themselves and therefore the greater flow of life.
And in their presence, you too shift your energy frequency in their direction. It changes you and you find places that you are now willing to love, accept and integrate.
It is easier to be still in the presence of those that are also still. It is easier to accept who you are if you are in the energy of others that also accept themselves.
Today, seek those great teachers out on the internet and YouTube that reflect that stillness and acceptance. Let yourself drop in and open into your best and most whole and complete self.
Let their authenticity and acceptance help you discover yours.

~Suzanne Wagner~




Astrology Today

Expect rudeness to challenge your esthetics on August 12/13 when assertive Mars squares Pluto. Pushing or demanding will blow up in your face. Be more careful because this is when things and relationships can break. If you have been pushing mechanical items, they too might break either because they were not properly maintained or they just got old.
This is an evening where I would avoid walking on the bad side of town at midnight. On all levels, that is not a good choice. People are looking for victims. Don’t you be one of them. If you think you need that ice cream at midnight before the store closes …. Don’t.

You want to feel as if you have control back in your life but events, relationships and circumstances are constantly reminding you that all elements of control are total illusion. You can control how you respond to things but that is probably all you have control over. When confronted with situations that you do not have an answer to, nor a way to feel some semblance of power, many will feel frustrated. And they may take out that frustration on others. Notice those looking for something to fight about and give such people a wide berth.

I expect many arguments to erupt. Some people will dig their heels in and refuse to budge. What you want may feel deeply personal and  intense but getting it might also be impossible right now.
Everything in life is timing. Knowing when the flow is perfect and you can leap is something that you get to notice as you learn to control frustration in constructive ways.

Know that the next few days, the bullies are out in force with the intention to play many power games on the minds of the weak. Observe such people and become more aware of the damaged inner child within such people. They are children in adult bodies still playing out the playground warfare games that were unfulfilled when they were younger.

The Sun forms a quincunx to Neptune in the morning and you might feel exhausted and drained. Some many feel lost and not know what to do next. Life seems unclear and the meaning distorted. Concentration continues to be a problem. Memory also. So make lists and help yourself find a path through the chaos.

Spiritually it is all about slowing down. Only when you are still can you make an internal adjustment and be able to shift gears without stripping the gears. You have to learn to intentionally go into “Neutral” as you shift up or down in this crazy cycle that we are all in at the moment.

The Moon begins the day in comfort loving Taurus. Sit with that cup of tea and look out on the beautiful world. Enjoy it while you have it because the Moon changes in mid-morning into the mind-expanding sign of Gemini. Your curiosity might just get the better of you for the next few days. Use it creatively. Have some fun. Try some new things.
~Suzanne Wagner~




Authentic presence will bring damaged, wounded, and fractured souls into better alignment. From that point it is up to the person to make a choice to do a massive energetic shift that will allow that alignment to stick. It is not about faith but about choosing out of an identity that limits the soul and stagnates the spirit.
So many souls believed the words of those that held hate and never healed their own wounding. That is never a good idea.
You did that because you wanted so desperately to be loved.
If you needed the love so deeply then you forgot….forgot that you are love itself. Forgot that you are the embodiment of love. Forgot that your essence is love.

If you remember that, then you do not need to seek love externally in circumstances that are unreliable and flawed. But you can give love in the appropriate doses and amounts that will support others along their journey.
If you know you are love then what others do is their journey to reclaim that love within.
Deep down, the vast majority of people are good people. And it is human nature for those good people to forget they are whole and complete and accidentally do bad things and make bad choices. They want to give that precious love to those that do not deserve their adoration and devotion because they forgot that they are this brilliant light of love, the spark of intention, this beacon of light in the darkness.
If they cannot see their own inner light they will externalize that light onto another person. But they will pick a person with similar flaws and wounding and project that inner love on to another. They are trying to love themselves by loving others.
This is not a bad thing and it is a very personal process.
That souls is on the journey of redemption.
When they believe that others can grow and evolve, then that gives them hope for themselves. But that projection can get caught up with the ego and the need to be right. And if not careful and conscious, they can end up defending the very patterns of their personality that are damaged and wounded.
You cannot heal patterns by defending them.
You can only heal patterns by admitting where the ego and being right overrode the desire to find wholeness and balance.
The way back to love is beyond the petty and shallow needs of the human mind and condition.
Love is bigger than any attachment.
Love waits just beyond the veil of the human karmic condition.
Love waits patiently for you to remember who you really are.
And it is that love inside of you that will guide you through the treacherous twists and turns of the illusions of this density.
You know that the love you hold is bigger than your fear.
You know that the love within you is timeless and eternal.

If you really believe that then do not give fear any more of your energy or essence because it no longer holds any validity or substance.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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