Osho Zen Tarot: Change, The Creator, Trust

Medicine Cards: Antelope, Blank Shield, Weasel

Mayan Oracle: Imix, Ahau, Akbal

Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Prince of Disks, Ten of Swords, Five of Wands

Aleister Crowley Deck: Swiftness, Indolence, Victory

Healing Earth Tarot: Grandmother of Wands, Woman of Feathers, Five of Crystals

Words of Truth: Dichotomy, Process, Anger

There is a weasel in the hen house and there is much to do.
Dichotomy and anger try to thwart all follow-through.
Action is required because change is coming.
Risk requires us to finally hear all the drumming.
Find the light in the darkness.
Observe the truth in all its starkness.

Within a choice is the freedom one seeks.

But freedom was never meant for the arrogant or the weak.

As you can see from my poem … there is a lot that is going to unfold and happen this month. The water dragon (Imix) is continuing to pull us into deeper places and asking us to surrender into that place where our dreams move into this reality.
This card is one that asks us to trust with no guarantees. It is one of two cards that remind us that a powerful process is unfolding. We are embarking on a new evolutionary path that is filled with limitless potential if we …. just … let go.
As we are in the month of Leo, the bold and courageous qualities of the Lion play out in the bright light of the sun. We cannot pretend to be blind when the light is this strong.

In its illuminating brilliance, the shadows and their minions, manipulations, and lies are revealed.
For those that were hiding on the edges of shadow, this month will be very uncomfortable.

The shallowness of our judgments and expectations are caught by the webs of truth that are now covering the path. Denial is fruitless and is not listened to by others.
Denied responsibilities will become shackles on a select few.
The constructed concepts of man are revealed as traps holding beliefs that cause tremendous pain and suffering.
Those that hold viewpoints that are too internal and subjective will be afraid of change.

The unknown is calling to each of us with its promise of hidden gifts within its murky embrace.
This month finally labels “doubt” as the demon that we are fighting within our own mind.
Let go of the belief that life has to be a continuous struggle to have value.

The most powerful warrior we can become … is one that is willing to confront the most cherished illusions and refuses to stay complacent in the comfort of the stories that others made up in order to make themselves feel better.

Have the courage to go for your dream. Become an instigator rather than a follower.

Our doubts only want us to pay attention and recognize something that they are offering us to see. Once they are heard and seen, they become more friendly and realign us to a higher potential that we hold within.
This month holds great joy if one has an open heart.

While many things will continue to collapse and those that play with the global financial patterns try to pull us into more fear, remember that the power currently being unleashed can explode into the potential for creativity if the joy within is stronger than the desire for destruction.

Use the powerful light this month for the greater good.

Know that those that do not use the energy that way, will be revealed as a distortion of the darkness that they have become.
We cannot help anyone if we have not first helped and healed ourselves.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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Astrology Predictions for  2022


We start off this New Year of 2022 in a Venus Retrograde but don’t let that fool you. We are going to continue to move quicker and at warp speed with all this focus on Aquarius and the revolutionary changes that are going to be required from all of us.

Saturn is going to continue to spend its time in Aquarius all of 2022. It will be forcing us to look at the big issues that we need to shift for the progression of the Aquarian agenda to be able to manifest.

Saturn in this place will allow us to cut certain things back that have proliferated and overgrown in our conscience. Saturn sees out of a very critical eye and is ruthless and relentless is forcing us to cut back those thoughts that have become obsessive and that are growing choking weeds in our garden.

Simple continues to be our primary focus.

Causes become more important, especially those that can combat climate change and the destruction of our world.

It becomes more and more important to surround ourselves with those associations that make us happy and that have similar goals and dreams.

It becomes crystal clear to remove those associations that are draining because our tolerance of stupidity is at zero.

In 2022, we can expect to see great shifts in technology and a resurgence of the sciences. This will be catapulted by the new James Webb Space Telescope.

Saturn looks at life with a realistic eye and demands that egos need not apply.

Those that speak from a place of spiritual arrogance will be finally silenced. Everyone is too tired to listen to one more word of rhetoric.

And that is a very good thing.

Saturn is impatient in Aquarius, and because of that … many things are now going to shift.

To Saturn it is simple.

Choices either work well or they begin to fall apart.

The hatred that has been the glue of those stuck in fear, no longer seems to stick to important things in the “real” world.

Such souls try to trigger anything to cause reactivity but everyone is just sick and tired of the B*ll S*it.

We are moving towards doorways of responsibility.

New ambitions seem to arise, and we have the ability to structure our life in better ways that allow for more expression of this new intention.

For many, the refining fire in the Fixed signs is going to cause us to get more control back and use it in a more practical manner.

Saturn is a key element in the year 2022. Saturn addresses our personal and professional immaturity and manifests as hard tests to get us to slow down and address things we have been avoiding.

The only choice that Saturn offers as a doorway is …. to face the reality.

We cannot be wise if we are unwilling to address the truth that is staring us in the face.

The more dysfunctional our reality is, the more we will be required to change our tempo. Nothing is working as intended and forcing things through will also not work. Advancements seem to move at a turtle’s pace and things can feel heavy.

But things that move slowly are often built better and have more staying power. We will continue to rid ourselves of those people and things that are not really a part of our evolving new world. If something does not have a useful purpose, then it is not worth our time and focus.

Something is asking us to be much more conservative. And the world may seem like a cold and dark place.

Yet, such times help us build strength and teach us to rely on ourselves instead of being co-dependent on others. If we don’t like something then … it is us that will need to change it.

Jupiter is going to split its time between Pisces and Aries. Overall, this year is about a very strong focus on the winter signs of Capricorn (Pluto is in the last degrees of Capricorn), Aquarius (Saturn in Aquarius), and Pisces (Jupiter is in Pisces). Notice all the winter signs.

Winter is the time to slow down and really address what needs to be done. The focus becomes “What creates a great society?”

And it should be those things that serve the greater good.

Jupiter will be in Pisces until the 10th of May and then again from October 28th to December 20th. During these times we will feel more intuitively inclined and notice subtle energy in a clear and concise manner. Luck seems to follow us, and we engage in imaginative and creative pursuits. Just be aware if we are also being deceptive in any way and watch out for those feelings of discontent.

Jupiter in Aries from May 10th-Oct 28th, 2022, and again from Dec 2th-May 16th 2023, support us in taking the lead and demonstrating our commitment and courage. It will ignite those that are wanting more and brings opportunities to those that are willing to do what it takes.

We will want to reinvent ourselves in some way.

Newfound confidence can make us cocky and insensitive.

So, remember to check ego at the door. Go in ways that show consistency to others and bring people in, rather than push them away.

While Chiron will be all year in Aries and Jupiter will be part of the year in Aries, there is a burst of power and force from the individual level to get others to wake up and unify around global issues. These planets and asteroids show that we have fallen horribly short of our goals and that we now are at more risk and will need to take more drastic actions to make the leaps that are going to be required from all of us shortly.

Uranus will continue to disrupt all things Taurean and make radical changes in how we deal with money and relationships. This may make comfort a challenge in 2022.

We want to be bold in our choices around money, but this aspect is really pointing us in the direction of innovative things that cause more long-term value to our world.

We are all caught in this web of discomfort until April of 2026. We might as well get comfortable with the bizarre and unusual.

In February, Uranus will sextile to Jupiter, allowing us to enjoy some fortunate events that arise because we are more willing to think differently. We may remove ourselves from those people who make us feel trapped and obligated. Regardless, change is going to be the name of the game.

Neptune continues in Pisces, adding to Saturn’s “doom and gloom” attitude. The Neptune transit combined with Saturn feels heavy and depressing.

After all, disillusionment is difficult for everyone.

That is because what is being called out is the ego, not the soul. But ego’s love to fight to hold those illusions up. The illusions this year, seem like pipe-dreams. We see that when we ignore the basics of life in favor of wasting time on that which is yet to be manifested, the results are catastrophic failures.

Both planets intend to teach us moderation and caution. The focus will be on the dignity of others and the demand from the people to our governments and institutions to reign in the excesses and do something of meaning for the people they govern rather than continue the selfish tendencies of a few and the wealthy.

Pluto is ending its cycle in Capricorn. Endings can be jumpy and plagued with making us deal with the final lessons that Pluto has been trying to teach us. I expect rather dramatic things to transpire.

Also, the US chart is fully going to take a hit as Pluto comes back around to the exact degree that is was on July 4th, 1776. This is going to cause disruptions that can continue to polarize our society even more.

The eclipses are in Taurus and Scorpio, making us address how we bring both financial security and emotional security into better alignment. We seek a healthier self-worth and one that benefits all rather than a few. Happiness seems to come with more simplicity rather than more stuff.

All false selves are going to be revealed and they can radically alter our personal priorities and relationships. Know these issues will be felt 6 weeks before and 6 weeks after the eclipses.

Solar Eclipse April 30th, 2022, in Taurus

Lunar Eclipse May 16th, 2022, in Scorpio

Solar Eclipse October 25, 2022, in Scorpio

Lunar eclipse November 8th, 2022, in Taurus.

The North Node will shift into Taurus, January 18th, 2022. And it will create a Uranus/North Node Conjunction that will bring surprises in the ways we engage and interact with our world. We are going to be asked to alter what we previously perceived as our self-worth, income, and those things that are continuing to cause us discomfort.

The Mars retrograde October 30th-January 12th 2023, is going to trigger new initiatives because such an aspect impacts the lungs and could bring back a bad wave of Covid for that fall and winter cycle.

No Covid is not going away. Life is forever changed, and the adjustment is going to be a challenge.

This year 2022, brings shake-ups and upsets. New thinking is going to force us to broaden our minds in ways that make us demand from companies that we work, smarter not harder.

We are all in a refining fire to burn away those things that no longer serve. We are going to be finding fixes that bring ourselves and our world back into better balance.

And some tough lessons will need to be addressed along the way. The mystery of life is luring us into new depths and at least that part will feel less chaotic and more magical.

We will experience an expansion similar to the sexual revolution of the 1960’s. It will help us see people more as individuals rather than objects.

As self-love becomes a path to understand and master within. How can we merge with others in a genuine way if we do not know first who we are? More balanced relationships become a trend. We are attracted this year to those that share our values and visions. The concept of “opposites attract” has lost its appeal.

This is a year of tolerance and more acceptance. We reach for a world with more universal love and care.

Covid is not going away any time soon and we are now going to feel the way the Chinese and Asians have felt for the last decade. They have been wearing masks in public to protect others and themselves from the illnesses and diseases that run wild in their country and now we will be doing the same thing.

Electric vehicles will continue to become the norm. Know that if you buy gas-powered vehicles, their market value will radically drop as we move into this new era.

Tesla will continue to be a big player not just because of the vehicles but because of their technology. The journey to self-driving vehicles is very real and is happening rapidly. Tesla owns the technology for that as are constantly mapping our world with their vehicles.

Security software will be a big winner in the Stock Markets and expect a brand-new internet to come forth with much higher security. It will revolutionize many things that are currently causing problems for us because of hacking.

Online games will also be a huge growth area and something to invest in.

While Crypto continues its massive gains with huge leaps in both directions. Know that where there is money being made to this extreme, governments will eventually come in and tax and control them with legislation. While that will not happen in 2022, I do expect to see it begin to shift in 2023. Especially after March of 2023.

Companies will continue to struggle with employees, as more people shift towards a better work/life balance and will be less willing to put up with certain things that corporations have gotten away with for a century.

It is about time that corporations begin to feel the consequences of what they have been putting the overworked and underpaid Americans through for too long.

Because the US chart is in a Pluto return in 2022-2023, know that economic turbulence is going to be expected. While some will gain great wealth, others will suffer because of the webs of political corruption, income inequality, and unfair issues related to immigration and women’s rights.

Whoever gets into the highest office in the land is going to be controversial and trigger responses that may be shocking to behold.

I expect those within our own country to orchestrate “perceived attacks” in order to cause those homegrown military groups to react in dangerous ways.

I also expect many prominent individuals to fall from grace as the truths reveal themselves and hidden corruption is exposed, sexual escapades are brought to light, and treasonous activities are irrefutably seen by the masses.

Pollution will hit a tipping point and precipitate massive changes in laws and behaviors for the production of things and the process of waste management.

Expect food issues to continue to be challenging and the supply chain will continue to be stretched to a breaking point. It will pull more things back into our country just to deal with the supply problems. Someone could make a lot of money if they jump on that train early.

Weather patterns will be shocking and the hurricane season will be one for the record books. We will continue to see a mass exodus from the Gulf States to safer areas.

I expect the wealthy to continue to try to turn American into a Plutocracy as they try to consolidate their formidable control over massively unfair and undemocratic legislative measures that put our democracy at greater risk.

Pluto is a dark planet and as it finishes up in a dark sign (Capricorn) I expect our own past darkness to have to be addressed in a different way than denial and shoving it under the rug.

The obvious dirty secret we need to address are the issues of slavery, racism, bigotry, and greed. It is something that can no longer be denied and I expect that one of the steps we are moving towards is reparations and making amends in a legislative way. Such things come about in a Pluto transit. Though I expect to see it more in 2023.

It is time to have an uneasy discussion about minorities and the repressed groups in our population (including women).

Those with prejudices are deeply anxious and afraid. They hold self-hatred that is irresponsibly projected outward towards others. Shifting such levels of complex emotions will be very difficult and takes considerable courage and self-awareness.

I believe Americans are all courageous and capable of such a massive shift.

I know it is possible because we clearly started this Pluto Return in 2008 and America showed its true colors in electing Barrack Obama in January of 2009.

I think we began to confront certain issues and we have been looking at race and the conflicts around other cultures with our engagements with the Middle Eastern countries.

Know that this all begins in February of 2022 and while I expect to see “seeding” events around that time. The unfolding of this cycle will continue for a decade. Pluto moves slowly. Like a glacier picking up the rocks to later melting and dumping the massive stones in a far distant place.

We are in a massively important time.

Great challenges bring great opportunities.

The US is in a forced “detox”. The toxins are social, economic, stress, environmental, health, balance, and political.

The disease has been diagnosed. It is fear.

The healing will require confrontation and resolve to do what is necessary. The medicine will be a bitter liquid to swallow. But it will lead us to a new and healthier society.

The world is changing rapidly, and we will be changing with it. Know that what this year offers … is just the tip of the iceberg that we will see coming our way in 2023.

2022 is that iceberg tipping over and showing us what we have not been willing to see.

It has begun.

We are all here for a reason.

We were born for this moment in time.

And I believe in the spirit that is America.

I will see you on the other side and we will all be very proud of what we will accomplish in this next decade.

~Suzanne Wagner~