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Numerology for 2021

The Number 5

The Number 5
The Wound, The Process of Healing,
And the Lessons to be Learned.


We start 2021 with the Feminine in a powerful and pivotal place with the number 5. It is considered a feminine number. It is represented by the pentagram and has for thousands of years been associated with the mysteries of healing, teaching, and the feminine arts.

In many traditions this is the number of self-sacrifice. Often healing requires us to “let go” of perceptions and beliefs that are causing more harm than good.

It is the quest for someone to stand up and become a teacher and guide for the journey ahead.

In the most positive sense this number is about helping others, healing each other and the planet, and recognizing that to make big shifts we need to work together.
In the negative this number will trigger some to move into selfish resistance and refuse to change. Stubbornness is the way they intend to hold onto power and feel strong in a rapidly changing world.

And this number is one of great change. It is considered a secondary foundation change year. It is a year where you recognize that you must find stable ground upon which to build your new reality. All things that have promoted instability are released to their own pathway and lessons. We reach beyond the known and focus instead on the intuitive powers and mysteries that are ruled by the feminine.

This year shifts us off the desperate struggle to find balance and instead makes us focus on our beloved Earth. The Divine Feminine has been teaching us some hard lessons in 2020. Especially those that showed up how we have taken way too much advantage of the earth and have destroyed things that are essential for life on this planet.

Now, the feminine takes back the power that rightfully belongs to her. She is showing us that our choices have been dense and dangerous. They have been out of alignment with the higher values of consciousness that humanity is supposed to embrace. This number will help us reclaim our stewardship role in protecting and stabilizing this planet rather than the old barbaric ways of ownership, destruction, and using up the essential resources that keep us alive.

The Number 5 Year is also called a “heath crisis” year. And while Covid has made that blatantly obvious, we are noticing the struggles on a daily physical level that we have to adapt and deal with. While 2020 was a tremendous struggle, we are clearly not out of the woods just yet. I do believe that a vaccine will be more available to the masses from June 2021 forward. And that is a very good thing. But I also believe that we many never completely get rid of Covid and just like the flu, we will get a flu and Covid shot each year until we reach some point when I do believe it will disappear of its own accord. I think this disease is a wakeup call for the survival of the planet and when the planet is in better balance this disease will seem to evaporate.

The Number five has always been associate with the ephemeral energy of Ether. We have the 5 elements: air, earth, water, and fire. But when they all merge the create a unique shift in the perspectives of life by becoming Ether.

The Number 5 tries to be the union of odd and even (3 + 2 = 5). It is the number of wounds that Christ suffered on the Cross. To the Brahmin, they speak of the five attributes of men: form, perception, consciousness, action, and knowledge.

This number aligns with the 5th Month – May. And as such is associated with the astrological sign of Taurus. Taurus is ruled by Venus – the goddess of love, compassion, negotiation, and diplomacy. You will see a passionate and powerful turn out of the lies and deceptions of the past few years and into a grounded and more practical approach that is intended to promote unification rather than separation.

This number is directly connected to the Greek God, Chiron – The Wounded Healer Teacher in ancient mythology. He teaches that all seekers must find wisdom through personal experience.

Bear with my while I tell the Story of Chiron.

Chiron was a centaur and an immortal who lived on Olympus. The story says that he left Mount Olympus in order to help humanity. When the other gods on Olympus heard, they had to find a way to stop him. If Chiron went down to earth and began helping humans evolve, they might figure out how to become gods themselves. They had to stop him but they knew they could not kill a god. They decided to trick Hercules into shooting Chiron with a poisoned arrow that would kill a normal human, but it would just put a god into permanent pain. However, their plan backfired. Chiron, now had a gaping wound in his hip that would never heal and realized the degree of human suffering that was happening on earth. This gave him even more compassion for the people on earth. He had to figure out how to heal himself. After all, he was a god with the skills and attributes of a god and if he could not find a way out of pain in the physical plane then the humans would never find a way. He found that he had to balance five things and when those five things were in balance then the wound in his hip would heal. But if he was off at all in any of those five aspects then the wound would break open and begin bleeding and causing pain. He had instant feedback from his body telling him that something in his energy or perspective was not correct. Because of this, over time he became a great healer and teacher because people would come to him and ask him for help. Chiron would take one look at them and he could read them like a book because he had been through all the possible configurations of pain and suffering along his journey. He could tell them instantly what was wrong and what they could do to create change and healing for themselves. The five things that he had to have balanced were:

  1. His head had to be in alignment with all other body parts and he had to be in agreement within his mind.

  2. His heart had to be in agreement with all decisions that he was making as well as being worthwhile and helpful to the greater good.

  3. His intention had to be clear and positive. (Example would be if his intention was to get his own way. That would cause the situation to backfire on him, as balance on earth is not about always getting what you want.)

  4. His motivation had to be clear and positive. (Example would be if his motivation was to get even or to seek revenge. This would cause the energy to backfire on him and he would be in pain once again.)

  5. Earth energy had to be in alignment with Mother Nature. (Example would be that he could not disrupt the natural order to life and death. What happened to Chiron was that he saw many people dying in a terrible winter one year. Chiron wanted to help and so since he was the manifester god, he decided to make spring early. He thought that would save lives. But what happened instead was that it confused the plants and animals and it ended in a great famine. Though this he learned that it was better to not fool with Mother Nature and allow the cycles of life and death to happen naturally.)

When he had all of these points balanced, his life worked smoothly and his wounds healed and he was in no pain.

It should be clear from this story that this year … we are Chiron, on a journey to heal ourselves, our world, and each other. It indicates that there might be a harsh wake-up call for humanity and that times can get tough. It also indicates that getting back to a simple life is something that causes us to connect in deeper and more meaningful ways with others.

This is the number of comfort and as such that means food, sewing, and things that make a house – a home and a family – a lineage of trust and cooperation.

When we go through hard times with each other, deep issues arise that cause us to be more vulnerable and learn to communicate and cooperate in a better way. It is the difficult moments that break down the barriers of status, ego, and independence. In such times, we learn the importance of merging with others to do something of meaning and value. We learn that we need each other and that working towards a unified whole is so much more fulfilling.

So this year, remember to not judge others harshly for their choices and decisions. Remember that we are all in this together. No one is immune to what is unfolding. This year requires everyone to pitch in and help in the manner that they are able. For some, this means to leap into the fight. For others, it means to protect and take care of your family first and to be considerate and helpful to neighbors and relatives.

Know that none of us have all the answers. We are seeking to discover the new path that is presenting. It may feel like we are taking a machete through a jungle of our deepest and innermost fears. What will be clear in this “earth energy” focused year … that things are about to get “really real”. Such moments (historically) require a great deal from each person. Effort will be required and many adjustments will need to be made. Know that each step is a big step and take great pride in the fact that you have made it to this moment in order to take a great leap into unknown places.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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Astrology Predictions for  2021

Astrology Predications for 2021


The arbiters of forward progression Jupiter and Saturn are moving into Aquarius on December 2020, shifting us out of the stuck and frozen space of Capricorn and into the powers of advancement and the fast-paced, rebellious, air sign of Aquarius.

That alone sets the stage for a massive turn in human consciousness.

We are at a milestone moment. One that initiates a 30 year revolution towards a world designed from a more communal and socially conscious and responsible place.


It is exciting! But to get there will be a whole other level of determination and long term effort that will be required from everyone on a global scale.


Aquarius is a fixed sign and as such, it will make us address and expect some people to stubbornly resist the change and move towards even more fanatical mind sets. Regardless of any attempts from this quadrant, the stars are in motion and they have determined that we need to move forward not stay stuck and trapped in our repetitive history.


There is going to be a big thrust on a political and global level to change everything that we have done that has been so destructive into something that intends to heal, integrate, and understand.

Expect the astrology to kick hard from January 20th-23rd (notice this is Inauguration Day). Mars will Conjunct Uranus and Square Jupiter.
Not that anyone is surprised but we can expect a historic lack of cooperation from the Aggressive sign of Mars with this fundamental change/making sign of Uranus. The old ways do not want to die. But it will not matter because new ideas are forcing their way into the conservative mindset and those major shifts have impetus and power behind them. They will not be stopped.


Then Mercury will go retrograde January 30-February 20, giving us a moment to take a breath and catch up to the massively shifting currents that are refusing to conform to the old and antiquated ways of the past.


Fortunately Venus will calm things down as it conjuncts Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter in the middle of the month of February. We are going to need this pattern.


Then at the end of February, Mercury will also go into Aquarius and give more power to the Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. Let’s just say, that the words spoken will be grandiose and broad in their dream. Such big dreams will require a lot of effort and planning. Big dreams take time. And those shifts are just at the beginning.

In March, Venus will conjunct Neptune and the politics will have to take a back seat to the family matters that are dominate and pulling at your heart and soul.

In April, Uranus and Venus conjunct, then Venus will square Saturn while Pluto decides to go retrograde. To say it is going to be exciting is an understatement. It is a passion filled Spring that brings many things to a fevered pitch. Some of those things could be hard and painful. A pot is definitely going to boil over and towards the end of the month the astrology is so bad it can indicate massive political crackdowns, breakdowns, and even world wars.


In May, Jupiter is giving us a lot of heartache as it jumps all around. The middle of the month it moves into emotional Pisces. Then months later it will retrograde back into Aquarius the end of July. Jupiter and Saturn will square with Uranus and just know that it will feel like a boxing match politically. It is going to be extreme and strong. I predict a literal tectonic and seismic earthquake period globally. Regardless, transformation is the only way through. It is going to be bumpy so fasten your seat belts and look both ways, as you will be crossing big highways and streets as we intend to move forward.


At the end of May we go (once again) into the eclipse zone. And the duality pulling us between Sagittarius (May 26th – Lunar) and Gemini (June 10th – Solar). Expect many dualing opinions speaking and the strong voice of diversity loudly claiming its position in our country. For many, the world is going to go way outside their comfort zones.


From April through the Fall, there are a series of retrogrades. They intend to teach us to stop pushing forward and to instead stand firm, and construct the path ahead before stepping on it. Mistakes need to be honored and addressed. Clarification on many things needs to be reviewed. And the future needs strong strategies.


The end of June through the end of July – Venus and Mars are dancing to the extroverted light of Leo. Expect a lot of political drama and personal heart centered connection.


In September Pluto and Saturn will trine Mars. It may feel like old shit is coming back up and it can get frustrating that some will want to play the old games again. Know that such things are coming up because they are in limbo and need refining. It will be okay, don’t let it break down your hope.


November makes things want to boil over again when Mars enters Scorpio and opposes Uranus. Expect a fight. I hope it is not just us but a global shift demanding to be heard.


Then finally in December Venus conjuncts Pluto and that gives a moment of forgiveness and a begrudging nod of competence.


Overall, this year is about..Massive, Fast Paced Change.
~Suzanne Wagner~



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