Astrology for August 2022

The Month started a bit early as we had the new Moon in Leo on the 28th. This Moon intends to help us discover what we need to uncover so that our more creative side can awaken and bring back what seems to have been taken from us over the last few years.

Plans begin to awaken … and we are to pursue boldly those things that promote honesty and careful consideration of others.

On August 11th, there is a Full Moon in Aquarius, reminding us that we are a part of a global community and that we are all interconnected in ways that require us to become more open to what is and be more flexible in our thinking and in how we express ourselves to others. It shows us that our small mindedness and petty behaviors have caused way more suffering than support. It is time to grow up and stop behaving like petulant children.

After all, there are massive problems that will impact everyone globally that continue to not be addressed. Those that act rashly and do things intentionally that cause harm and then fist bump each other as they sacrifice the lives of others for their party, prejudice, and bigotry … deserve to lose in ways that are public, painful, and demeaning.

On August 24th, Uranus will shift gears as it moves into retrograde for the rest of the year. As things slow down, our goals become less grandiose and more practical and show concern for our fellow man. Uranus retrograde makes us look first to what we need to change within. And then get in touch with what has been distracting us from the most essential tasks that now demand attention. Uranus likes to promote “authentic expression” and prefers to break rules rather than follow them. But as this planet shifts into retrograde, things feel heavy, difficult, and tense.

On August 27th, there will be another New Moon. This one is in Virgo, and the details that will become necessary for growth become more apparent and clearer. While there are too many wallowing in the swirling shifts and are feeling highly ineffective, know that Mars will square to that New Moon in Gemini, and that turns the conflicts inward. Expect to feel distracted and as if “life” seems to be putting too much on our plates.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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