Wild Women



Osho Zen Tarot:  Rebirth, Integration, Success

Medicine Cards: Blank Shield, Mouse, Moose

Mayan Oracle: Greater Cycles, Ben, Imix

Ancient Egyptian Tarot: Moon, Judgement, Temperance, Three of Wands

Aleister Crowley Deck: Magus, Queen of Wands, Prince of Cups

Healing Earth Tarot: Sun, Six of Pipes, Four of Pipes

Words of Truth: Decision, Laughter, Stuck, Individuation, Ease

We are in the season of the Lion, and as such, there is a renewed warmth and vitality arising. Of course, so much is needed in the larger scope of things, but the power instilled in this astrology this month will give us the push we need to make a shift.

Life brings with it a series of choices and decisions to help us move towards individuation and ease.

The question is whether we are fighting ourselves or not.

The world is always going to challenge us. Therefore, we must learn to believe in ourselves. Otherwise, the constant barrage of disappointments will overwhelm the psyche, and the potential collapse will stop us from our greatness.

Everyone dreams of a better and more peaceful life. But we need to learn to appreciate when things are good.

This month many good things arrive, and it is up to us to fully embrace that goodness because that will (in turn) bring more positive things our way.

The card “Ben” shows us that we are more remarkable when we allow ourselves to become the bridge between heaven and earth. It is essential to recognize that we are the earth angels and here to be the beacon of hope in a world that seems to destroy itself.

When we stand with the Divine Mother, “Imix”, we support the processes of life that will help a regeneration that is much needed and is called for in our life.

The younger generation hears that call and is appalled by the disinterest and avoidance of the older generations around making all things political. Especially when they impact everyone.

It is that younger generation that will save us from ourselves.

Not like I want to put more pressure on the young. But they are more interested in cooperation and environmental issues because they know what is needed, and they came into this world with a calling to awaken the rest of us out of our numbing stupor.

This month, the details matter more than anything. And we have to make a lot of noise, just like the Moose in mating season.

There is much to celebrate and much to remember that is deeply sacred.

The nature deities are trying to show us what is needed and what our next steps should be. Perhaps you will hear them and be able to heed their call.

Know that in the face of judgment, always show temperance.

Remember that there are many people caught in the illusions of the Moon, and while they believe they see clearly, they are only being shown the reflections of their disowned selves.

Through integration, there is a pathway that will give us the success we need and want.

We have the power within to do more and to make things better.

A more extensive cycle is expanding peace into the hearts of those still suffering.

Many things will take time, but it will help us get unstuck and remember that laughter will heal many things.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology for August 2021

A Quick Look At The Astrology

The Planet of guile and gumption, Mars, had moved into the perfectionist sign of Virgo at the end of July and continues to travel through the sign that loves to pay attention to details until mid-September. So, if you have not started to clear out the old to allow in the new, now would be the time. Just do one thing at a time and over a few weeks, you will see how much smoother your life will go because organization and structure just make life easier.

The love planet, Venus, is in persnickety, Virgo, until August 16th. This will give us the energy and inspiration to make our homes beautiful and more efficient.

After August 16th, through September 10th, Venus will be in Libra, shifting the priorities into relationships and discovering what matters in life.

On August 19th, the progressive Planet Uranus decides to back up until mid-January 2022. Unfortunately, this means that the five outer planets are all moving retrograde together until October.

This happened last year also at this same approximate time. Remember the challenges emotionally that occurred in the last 6 months of 2020! While this one will not be so severe. It is a moment that the universe teaches us that all our choices have consequences.

This teaches us to deal with issues at home and the projects that keep hanging us up.

While it is okay to plan some future ideas, it is good to keep things loose and roughly planned. Many things will make significant changes over the next six months. It is best to feel into the flow that arises rather than try to swim against the current.



In Depth look at the Astrology


August 8th is a New Moon in the bright and sunny sign of Leo. Perfect to start that project and to find out you might have some hidden skill and talent. It is a moon that allows that feeling of specialness to expand and be seen by others. We may feel as if our “inner child” gets to have a say in the sun, and there is a feeling of great joy and playfulness expand through games, sports, creative projects, romance, and sharing time with others.

Jupiter and Chiron will semi-square on August 18th. There was one in April, and there will be another in November. Jupiter wants to expand our awareness, and we feel as if we need to seek out something important. Chiron points us in the direction of figuring out how to align with our core to allow for more flexible philosophies and personal beliefs. Rigidity is seen and felt in a rather painful way, and it may put some into a crisis because they realize how far off the path their soul has managed to wander. Blind faith is revealed as false and a way that the soul attempts to remove all responsibility for its actions by following what sounds right even when it does not feel honorable.

This is not a time to start a new business because all the puzzle pieces are not in place, and some are gapped and missing. If we are not careful, we will step right into a hole and lose ground and confidence.

Uranus goes retrograde in Taurus on August 19th, and it will be there through this year into the beginning of next year. Uranus stands at an approximate midpoint, but there is still a long way to go, and many things will change in the next six months. Go slow, make conservative choices, and know that goals will feel just barely out of reach. While spontaneity is desired, it needs the blessing of authenticity to be allowed to grow forward. It becomes clear that rules need to be followed for the greater good of all and while Uranus feels heavy as it shifts its movement, know that tension is a natural occurrence when opposing earth forces collide.

August 22nd, there is a Full Moon in Aquarius, and this one is at the end of Aquarius. That adds some energy to that desire to find community and to feel as if we belong. But we want impartial and objective listening from others without judgment. Know that leaping before we look is a terrible choice.

While many planets are going retrograde, it will give us a moment to review and reflect on the many things that will need to be done in 2022.

But enjoy the sun and the positive flow of human potential. We are not out of the woods or in the clear, yet we can still celebrate the lovely moments that are arising. We will need this good energy as we move into the Fall.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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