Numerology/Astrology for 7/11/2022

7/11/2022 is the number 15.

7 + 1 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 15.

Then we can add the 1 + 5 to get the number 6.

Today is the number for sending out spiritual prayers to all those in deep need and those that feel so challenged at this time. This is the number of contemplation and inner seeking. Within the patterns of this life and learning to love ourselves, we have to go deep within until we find a place of calm center.
Only then can we find the places and spaces that will give us peace because expecting the external world to match our spiritual self and our passionate internal knowing is unrealistic.
In our fast-paced world, we are losing our ability to sit, ponder, contemplate, and witness what is going on in the world with an objective eye.

In the very recent past (50 or so years ago), technology was not occupying our time to the degree it is now. It seems we have generated a culture where too many are impatient, needing constant stimulation, do not know who they really are, and those that are losing touch with the physical plane and the earthly reality.

Such constant states of overwhelm … breed this powerful discontent that we now see manifesting in our external world.

I am not sure how we are going to find solutions to the gapped masses that cannot see past their own nose or phone, but this number is one of the many solutions.

Today, take time to sit and breathe without any agenda or need to know. Just allow what is … to be felt in the body. The answers that have the most profound impact never come quickly or when our mind and ego demand it.

Let the number 6 show a pattern that will give long-lasting benefit to our soul’s evolution rather than our egos immediate gratification.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology for Today

The Moon in Sagittarius is warm, inviting, and engaging today. Just be aware of any grandiose ideas that will later seem impossible to reach. Allow the lift that this aspect can give but know that we can use optimism also as an avoidance.
I know none of us want the negative to happen. But it will happen regardless of how good and kind we are in this dimension.
Positive attitudes that stand the tests of time are those that are based in knowing (on an internal level) what we are capable of regardless of external factors.
When we have been tested and know that we can rise to all occasions and find reasonable solutions then it is much easier to trust and flow with anything that arises.

This is not a day for dwelling in the past or wallowing in “what could have been”. It is time to move ahead and do what is necessary for creating a better life right now.

The Moon will oppose Venus later in the day and then it will square to Neptune tonight. It can take a lot of energy to figure out how to keep that smile on your face when it seems we just keep barely missing the goals we have set for ourselves. There will eventually be the right moment. But we do have to keep trying new ways until something clicks.

The dance of the Moon with Chiron and Saturn will give us back some better ability to focus on the tasks at hand.

Keep your center. There are things that are going to try to bump into you when you least expect it.

~Suzanne Wagner~


We have died too many times to count.

Death is not the problem. Living is the difficult horse to mount.

Can we awakened while we live?

Can we own that all things we will need to forgive?

Try a pattern that allows for doubt to be okay.

Listen to the agenda that powerful people want us to betray.
I cannot be used as a tool for those with black hearts.

I have more powerful magic then their dark arts.
I know that shadows follow all of us in the day.

I know that hate wants to eat truth like an all you can eat buffet.
But when truth is integrated fully in this life.

There will be no feast with me this night.
I will embrace what is offered at this time.

I will let those in shadow learn in the meantime.

Because they need to continue until they are done.

After all there is nowhere else to run.

~Suzanne Wagner~



How do I tell all of you to not give up or give in.
It is not hard to know the choices … that make things grim.
While we can get outside and see a different view.

There are too many consumed by the past to embrace something new.

I can show you the patterns that will lead you to a door.

I can support you in looking deeply to the things that you ignore.

But I cannot give you the awareness that is yours to find.

And while I patiently wait, I will try to be open and kind.

I have felt the overwhelm that happens when things do not go as planned.

I have been to strange places and learned to expand.

It has never been comfortable or easy to do.

But I have tried to trust that what arises will see me through.

I gift you … with the belief that you can find what you seek.

I know that many things seem horribly bleak.

But our ancestors have gone through much more trying times.

And somehow, they managed to glean insightful paradigms.
Stop and remember that you are not alone.

Angels watch you and your ancestors are not under a tombstone.

They are all right here and ready to support your journey ahead.

They did not give up and you are not yet dead.

So, take your courage back and stand up to what is yet to come.
Listen to the sound of your heart beating like a drum.

And let it push you to claim your time in this place.

Then leave some wisdom behind for others to trace.

~Suzanne Wagner~